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The interview and we are here with candace owens and our big crazy Babylon interview and off the top of my head. Kennison's is an American writer producer. Conservative commentator is very naturally yeah in early two thousand seventeen. I was just thinking back back a little while back Owens launched red bill black website to have to read this whole bio that was very natural. I just felt like you are a really smart guy. I'm full of fun facts perfect so thank you so much for coming on our show you guys for having me so because we're doing an interview with you and your controversial figure we feel like we should get some like stuff out of the way in case anything happens during this interview or they could play back. We we can just give them certain audio clips to play back right. We all are basically a coverall basis because so people expect certain things of us because we're so we just I want to say. How dare you say the audacity quite Davis? I want to ask how how you're able to sleep at night. If I may how dare you I would like to say that I'm literally shaking. Frankly frankly I just wanted to say the word frankly on what planet on on what planet I think we've made our point so now we can move into the about down the road hit you hit him off all the basis we basically just searched your name on twitter and then we just we just all the controversy. All the people were anders and we found you know that's what everybody says so now we're in the clear and now we can safely. I love frankly. That's always frankly. I think I noticed in that video. That's about right now. Unlike c-span yeah remember the girl she looked kind of cocktail because frankly strenuously Franklin knowing in word strenuously strenuously object. I just have to say that I object strenuously to your use of the word Hilarious I knew ASLI object. It sounds painful. I mean you did say that White. Supremacy is hilarious so I mean it's amazing. I think it's it's amazing that they do it. Live now are there are even wait they go. How are we going to edit what she said or what she didn't didn't say narrative and they don't just go right into it? It was incredible to witness it live. What do you think about those headlines? Come just says you know I was reading headlines. It pops up on my twitter notifications and says look on the search thing news candice own says what Supremecy isn't a problem. She thinks it's funny. I mean I I sent actually sent twitter an email about backs. I was so angry about it and I've been one of those people I upset since the beginning that we have to change the liable and slander laws uh-huh. They just need to be updated in this country. It's ridiculous if people can get away with her pistilli exiting something to say something entirely different I mean I think I opened opened. My statement second sentence I sat in front of Congress was white supremacy Israel and he'll at least six times hearing. I said that and yet twitter was allowed yeah with the headline. That says Kansas says white supremacy is not a problem yeah yeah that's crazy and that's kind of what it is is that it seems like the left paints white supremacy as this widespread issue and you're not saying it doesn't exist and you're not saying it's not real. You're saying that there are at least just one hundred things that are at least one hundred anybody wants to hear that you have did you bring the number one. We'd like to hear all literally anything. Oh be city city being tired in the morning as a bigger threat. I mean it's just it's staggering and the the funniest part was that to the people that were sitting in that congressional rational testimony was me we're doctors they got. PhD's bullcrap website bolts and they had not a single stat stat or a number and you even hear when Dr Balu Butts She's like I know I don't have numbers but to ignore the data now the reason we don't have those numbers. I want those numbers as much. Yes you do but the number to say the numbers don't show something is simply not supported by the data. which isn't that data the what I mean? What do you think it is? Why do you think the left emphasizes white supremacy has been this huge threat because it allows them to go out and stomp on to in front of Black Doc America and say we've gotta fix it allows them and paint Conservatives and Republicans as racist with that broad stroke and say that they're perpetuator I support it because they aren't doing enough to speak out against it and it's just absolute crap? I mean the scene crap before an election cycle literally every couple of years and I just don't like are we doing this again. Are we going to join this. They've had something like four hearings. Now on white supremacy in Congress has really weird really weird. It just feels yeah. It feels like like yeah. There's there's obviously guys out there around swastikas on their bald heads but you don't go on the street and like see it feels like we're talking about imaginary thing like I'm going to punch for saying that you're going to be on twitter's stories even the coaches vs the white readiness the bills like Alex Jones style conspiracy theory a lot of the times when I hear people going off from right I mean we everybody knows when when those instances happen obviously it's isolated it's fringe and it's horrible when it happens but to pretend this is like every every single day you walk down the street and we've just got Nazis. White supremacists is crazy and that's just crazy trying to sow division so it's something that's kind uh of visceral reaction of fear and that's why people are driven by the most people I would say though based on emotion or at least I can definitively state that about Gla- Committee for last sixty years reserves just there's no rational as to why we've been giving our Rosa Democrats and they've produced no results and are you know. All of our communities are pretty much decimated so I think that they play it. There now. Trump has done something like trump. DERANGEMENT is real. It is so real that is not a conspiracy theory aged up hearings on that that is the growth of trump derangement syndrome or the last two years is something that is widespread and now you see them drumming up all these other issues climbers mistruths. You've got kids that are going to kill themselves because the world is going to be over in ten years crazy completely emotional and irrational completely crazy so that you've got the black community all bent out shape about white supremacy. You've got these little kids that are skipping school because the the world's going on and it's just not just chaos really it's just chaos and we were going bring up bring that up because the girl was at the UN cra climate thing today I would just like to say she's sixteen. I just found that out and and she looks like she's seven younger or at least tries to find out that almost sixteen so I just want to clear out for anybody else out there listening with your what's take on young people being used involved like that like you're pretty young. I mean we're pretty. He's he's a lot a lot older than we but you know. What do you feel? How do you feel like what would it children have to contribute to the conversation and at what point are they being used versus honestly contributing to a discussion? I mean they're pretty much much always being used does a reasonable left. Democrats want to lower the voting age to sixteen is kids have no rolex reince and and it's very very easy to manipulate them because they have no relief experience so really there is idealistic like hey everything should be free. That sounds like a great concept. I mean something that if you sat down a five year old and said how should the world run made say everything is free because they think that that's just the way things should be but you get a little bit of living experience in in in your in the world and you realize it's always a second that's actually not the way it should work or how they do work and you know the reasons why you start paying taxes and suddenly a lot of your idealism gets wiped away the kids like Greta and unfortunately she is being used by her parents by the on the Global World Stage Right now. The thing that to me is upsetting actually feel bad ad for her his you can't you can't wipe that away like she's always going to be this girl in the same way that David Hog is always going to be David Hogg. Now you know what I mean so when they grow up one day and they go off man really stupid phase. It's like your girl side ponytail that was like crying. Ten years feels like you make an argument and then the person tries to fight back and like you make you say something dumb and then they punch you and you hold the kid up in front of you and they get hit and then you're like why hidden exactly that is exactly what punches a kid and Bernie Ernie nation in terms I mean did you see so I posted a video wasn't there was this was an adult. This was a white woman adults who shrieking about Oh climate change at the climate. It's really something to be seen like you could not see that in a zoo. What is she was like? We are oh you guys. Have I kept seeing the dancing guy and it was like I bleach you know to take care of it but so so you go to these things I mean. Do you have to bring your own mic DRP. Do they provide a mic. Drop the MIC would you probably are. Can you use this one. It's older. I wish I mean that would be absolutely hilarious. It's I did that. Prompt Mike. You get fired up at these things or you can't. You can't believe what you're hearing in. I mean yeah always amazes me that they're just doing this thing and they're trying to. I mean they're obviously trying to talk over you and not let you say your piece and then it comes back and you actually fight back and they're like shocked. Like what do we do. It's kind of it's kind of funny to me. Yes so the ranking Chairman Raskin the Democrat he actually tried they always try to play tricks during the hearings so what actually happened was illegal back and forth so Republican get some time and Democrats in time and he was playing a numbers game they have the majority in everyone had gone except for him he said Oh. Would you guys like to say something thing to Canada said today and he thought that was it. These girls were actually supposed to have the last word Dr Balu last-second Mark Meadows Republican walks in as Dr Blue is going on her spiel so I essentially only got to rebut because I was basically saved by Mark Meadows he came in and then suddenly he was like can I have my time chairman airman and then he sees his entire time to me. Jim Jordan jumped in so I mean they were actually going to let those women have the last word and just go on attacking me the and then say hearing hearing over so it's like getting lick invited on C. Span. You got a call from C. Span Guy I think like me and they get a lot of us. I I am. I HAVE TO ASSUME SOME SPICE IT UP ON C. Span Boring Sauteed. That's exactly right well. There may be dead space in our interview because we're not out of the mounts. Don't worry.

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