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Of digital media india was a more encompassing concept but but you know i think if you back up and you look at it though podcasters are using using all the digital media tools so you know i think it depends on what's going to attract people to that track is podcasting or is it a generic and eric term like digital media which a lot of people don't really understand what that really means so so that's that's kind of but i think overall the event was fantastic. A lot of energy error you know there was podcasters air like pamela and and others were there to the tracks folks were really really interesting had great conversations <hes> and they were live streamed on facebook <hes> but that's an todd you and i spend a lot of time <hes> going to the vendor areas and and really thinking about what we can do without event to be able to better reach eighty thousand people that are there with the message of that you can have podcast and and come down and and <hes> check out a couple of panel sessions to understand how to do it and the the problem is we didn't really tap into that this year from what i felt so. I think that there are some strategies that we can do with the event to better reach the community. I don't know pamela. What's your thoughts all. I i agree completely. There is a whole lot of untapped potential there walking around and <hes> i know i was lucky enough to randomly run across a twitch streamers when i was in the art show but twitches and the place where a lot of these people should be with the kinds of content. They're creating. It's in podcasts and in talking to people i ran across a lot a lot of the fan podcasts and when you're at a fan run science fiction fantasy convention like dragon con those are the people that we need to meet and find friends who had already podcasting so great. I found that people who are doing the lucifer fan podcast in the past. I've run across the people who do the game of thrones fan podcast. It's these fans that are taking the time to organize the different strands of dragon khan the star wars room the star trek room. There was a ton of stuff this year for twenty years of farscape finding finding those people who have this amazing passion you have this trivia level knowledge of their different things and saying you know oh. There's lots of people like you that aren't driven to share their passion and think they're all alone in remembering their love of all of jim henson's creativity ativity. Let's go online together. Let's podcast. Let's get what you're so passionate about more people and just enjoy each other's company through this amazing medium and want to be respectful. Dr pamelas time were already in our thirty rob <hes> and and we made it to ninety minutes magic that we're live. We make it to ninety. That's that's normal todd would be usually we do go along and we'd do normally but <hes> it said we made it almost through glitch-free which is good but there's always something happens but <hes> dr panel where can they were working folks reach you. What's the best way to for them to to stay abreast of what you're doing. I am star strider on pretty much. Every social media platform it is spelled with a y because mistakes were made with my in my twenty s i can be found podcasting on astronomy cast the end the daily space so check it out in your favorite pod catcher or over on youtube rob all i can be found on twitter at rob greenlee and that's what to ease on the end and i do have a website rob greenlee dot com and i can be reached in email rob. Oh gee at a lipson dot com so if you want to reach out to me and have a question about something or just drop us an email. If you have any tips i saw anything that you see going on in the accounting space that needs to be talked about on the show are needs to be shared or discussed..

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