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Usa swimming foundation we encourage anyone at any age to be able to take swimming lessons and actually encouraged many parents who think they don't need to learn you still will be there to be safer for your kids go rakoff cbs news nancy sinatra has died not the singer but her mother known sometimes as nancy senior she was frank sinatra's teenage sweetheart then his first wife and the mother of his children nancy frank junior and tina nancy and frank sinatra divorced nineteen fifty one after his well publicized affair with ava gardner they remained friendly and she never remarried nancy sinatra senior one hundred and one peter king cbs news texas man is in jail accused of attacking his wife with a hammer good morning it's six oh five and eighty degrees i'm tom crespo and this is the krld saturday morning news a domestic disturbance call ended with the north texas man behind bars in his wife in the hospital as krld's cameron fairchild tells us the man called nine one one report that he attacked his wife with a hammer officers responded to the call as a domestic disturbance and found the man's wife at a neighbor's house covered in blood brian west told police during an argument he got a hammer and smashed his wife in the head a half dozen times miraculously after being struck in the head with a hammer multiple times she she didn't need to go to the hospital in an ambulance but alzheimer's right now indicate that she's she's gonna make recovery denton police officer brian coasts says west is in jail his bail set at fifty thousand dollars on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon cameron fairchild newsradio ten eighty krld again that woman is expected to survive the international gang ms thirteen is landed in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors in dallas an eighteen count indictment unsealed.

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