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On video gaming console for the living room that would allow you to play pc games in the living room something that a lot of people have been trying to do and in fact today are still trying to do like steam boxes are essentially that same kind of approach even though the old that was the the mission statement everyone was pointing out well what happens when the games get to advance to run on the hardware of the phantom you would have to upgrade somehow and you can do some upgrades through firm where but that's not going to make the process our work any faster necessarily or make the graphics card work harder so that was a big concern was that if in fact this is essentially a customized personal computer running some proprietary software on top of it then what happens when the games get to advanced now as it turns out there was never a need to answer that question but it was one of the early ones and as i mentioned earlier in the cepa sowed the consul never hit the market so some people would referred to it as vaporware but all the components existed the stuff that they talked about really did exist mean all those different elements you could go out there and by so there was never a problem with that there's just there was no consumer product that featured all those in that configuration as a phantom console there are a couple of prototypes or show models that infineon labs would tried out at various events like see us or e three and there's some debate and online circles as to whether those prototypes represented a real effort to create a phantom console or if they were in fact just a runofthemill pc inside a customized case in some cases it wasn't even that according to one story i was reading a games journalist went to e three and saw a demonstration of the phantom console and in sat down next to a representative from and fitting in labs who is going to give a demo of the whole thing and they had the the console sitting in front of them and they tried to launch a game and it didn't work out properly and as it turned out the representative actually revealed to the games journalists that the game itself was being run on a pc behind the cabinet that the.

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