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James, and yeah, that's from Mary in New York, New York rocked my radio, and that was a Jerry deepen buck. And he wrote it along with a friend, and it was released about 1986, and it's got air checks interspersed through it as well. And it's a lot of fun. So we're going to tell the mad daddy story because I promised I would. And it's mad daddy, by the way, is a disc jockey who killed himself in 1968. Let's get there. But in terms of the deal, when he burst onto the scene in Cleveland, he just became an underground hero. And I should back up and say, this is a guy who was from San Francisco and he started in radio in San Diego and actually his brothers stayed there long term, but he realized that for whatever reason, certain West Coast cities, radio wasn't, wasn't as important to them. And he targeted Cleveland and Akron as areas that would be great radio markets. And they were no doubt about that. And he was on air and Akron at first and then W J W hired him in Cleveland. And this was an interesting thing because this is prior to rock and roll really taking off. Nobody JW was block programmed to a good degree. So he worked there in two different ships. He worked there as Pete Myers who is brilliant with P or Myers, but he worked there as Pete Myers in the afternoon. And then he came back and did this mad daddy persona. And people always talked about mad daddy as if he invented what he did. And certainly to Cleveland listeners, this was new, and this was different. But the reality, sorry to say for Pete Myers, is that really what he was doing was what Jocko had done. Jaco Henderson and, of course, the guy who really originated the ryman on the air more than anybody was probably hot rod holbert in Memphis and then at WS 80 in Baltimore. And so soul jocks had been doing it and I still say Jocko was probably the master. He was just great. But in Cleveland, Pete mad daddy certainly adopted this that all you can hear air checks online to it all rhymed and it was very fast and, you know, of course that would become the norm for night jocks and top 40 all over the place. So you had two different entities. He also wound up getting a little TV time as well. And in fact, some people would claim that Ernie Anderson, who, of course, later a great voice-over talent, but in Cleveland, but became the great ghoul Artie with the horror movies that a lot of his shtick was based on on Pete Myers. And I think that Ernie actually would admit that if he had been asked, I think he had been a few times. But in any event, mad daddy's TV showed in last that long. And actually, his time at wjw didn't last that long because W H K, color radio, was debuting top 40, 24/7, and they want to hire him. Now the only problem was he had a 90 day non compete. And so for 90 days, he was off the air, but that's sort of when he was a craziest. He actually parachuted into the Lake. It's a long story, but believe me, there was no publicity that this guy wouldn't do. And he was huge. I mean, there were people who would wait outside the studios every night to see and mad daddy would come out in a cape and all this. And by the way, just like Pete Myers, the MOR guy, was so different than mad daddy. Pete Myers the person was also very different than mad daddy. My daddy was flamboyant and crazy and all this and Pete Myers, you barely could get a word out of the guy. But when he became mad daddy, you know, he just took off. Well, just like Alan freed went to New York, Pete Myers want to go to New York too. And he got there. But who hires him as W N ew. And of course, what they're interested in is Pete Myers, not mad daddy. And he, when he gets there, which was I think 1961, he says, well, let me just try mad daddy. Now, you got to understand about WWE. This is sedate. This is MOR. You know, they're not only playing the green door by Jim Lowe, Jim Lowe was a disc jockey there. You know, it's not mad daddy territory, certainly not an afternoon drive, but nonetheless, here comes mad daddy for one show and a complaint level was so high that management said you will never be mad daddy again. And so he was Pete Myers doing MOR records for a while. And then a kid who had been his intern in Cleveland got the job programming wi and S and of course brought him over to ten ten wins where he followed Murray the K the act never really caught on in a big way. And again, you can see why, because here, Jocko Henderson's got his own television show for God's sakes, and he's the real deal. And you know, there are people on WWL and WWE and all this that clearly could do metadata better than mad daddy. Truth be known. And on top of that, times were changing and music was changing. And this was going to be the death knell for a lot of bits. And here come The Beatles and the British invasion. And so it just was not the pick to click to say the least. It didn't work. So he winds up going back to WWE because wi and S one all news group W had bought a more as Mary the K used to say agree a soup D is W and they became all news. And so Pete needs a job. He goes back to WNW warriors for a few years and then one day in 68 tell them we're going to change your shift. We're going to put you back to evenings now and he goes home and within a few days kills himself. Now, prior to them announcing they were going to move his shift. He had gone back to Cleveland for a Norman knight appearance, and who was just terrific. Norm was and he was doing the show. And here's Pete mad daddy. Who all his old fans are there. So it's like he got to see what the adulation he had experienced fairly briefly. And a decade ago was like. And beyond that, what led to suicide, of course, he was a complex person. And not well known. But you can hear the air checks all over the place. And, you know, it's basically what you'd expect. But in his MOR announcer's voice, he would also put out records and invent words. And in 1958, he put out what is a fistula. So we'll go with that for Pete Myers, not mad daddy, but a Pete Myers example. What is a vistas? Well, the stairs are everywhere, and come in all shapes and sizes. Big

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