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Enough just enough out there i can seem with the hair he's just a little different i think that works for that role so i have impedes you picked as miller kenji who'd you pick for george mic fly john boyega thinking needs to lose some weight stu buff right now i think if you just played georgia file like he played finn that's a good george fly to me no running away from a fight ultimately passive but also can add some of the comedy i think a little bit more so than crispin glover did i like it i think is a good pick for it you're doing something that people been clambering for two people have one of the emma watson john boyega circle reunion people have been talking i've been saying they want more from circle all too true to talk about maybe he does have he might have tom hanks is biff mister strickland we'll see george mic fly from the listeners they picked michael sarah okay it's an interesting pick he's awkward i see that lucas hedges was second timothy shallow may was third jenning tatum was fourth channing tatum's up there in years i'm not sure channing tatum would would fit that role to well it'd be a little i mean he does play fake high school or in twenty two and twenty one jump straight i guess college student but i think what the other castings i'm not sure that would work somebody tweeted at me i won't name them by name and appreciate the listening so don't take this as a shot but somebody said jim carey he's fifty six i don't know jim carey would work too well as as george mic fly but michael sarah wins out also miles teller and insulin elgort were also voted on in this category as well because why not so george mc fly i'd evan peters jumble tro bond set as miller listeners had michael sarah biff tannen i thought there was an obvious pick for biff and i.

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