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Yeah we used to go out to the blocking punches faysal now i never had that i you know number one my my father was was big on on academics i mean we poor we were poor as hell but uh you know the one thing he wanted me to realize is that he didn't want me to live this way any more so he was he focused he put everything he could and in uh making sure that my academics were right and then i stayed busy doing uh sports and stuff like that you want your kids to stay out of trouble get them in wrestling get them in the football give him in baseball whatever it himself mousa keep their mind off of everything else you know and i think that's what help man at kept me away from the bag crowds but when i got name may that's one i've had my first fight where i got a knock this guy out like i i'm in there to hurt this guy and put on a show and and it was hard for me to realize because like i had nothing against this guy getting ready to fight you know this so i had to come up with things like i don't like his haircut you know and that's why i don't like along will go out and poncha but i ended up winning it and the stuck with it ever since oh man yeah that sounds like a natural progression use that you wrestled you wrestled since grade school but uh tell me you know with the wrestling crew in the guys you working with now obviously there's probably a meld there but are you working with the same camp the rally out here with last time uh you encamped most of them are not with bob meese any more bob is uh you know he's he's a very busy obviously because he's with cody garbrandt gray area is you know um and now i'm i'm with chris williams chris williams has great boxing coach throughout pittsburgh people know him very well and he's very strategic by at the most part he actually works to mold into mice style and not create a whole new style for himself so um he's good in that sense and then of course i i i work with a jason gordillo now jas cordell as a he's a really well known wrestler throughout you know pittsburgh and.

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