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They will come into the bruins beat on seal on us media my name is Eva marano scoop. You guys are having a great day. A great week. On this episode, you're probably saying Evan. Oh my God. This episode is much longer. Than most episodes you do. And I would say you're correct, you're correct. This episode is much, much longer. You're not much, much longer. You're probably just much longer. Then the normal episode I had on Kirk lutke this week for the first time ever. Editor of New England hockey journal crazy hockey resume was with the Omaha lancers in the U.S. HL for a while. I was scouting forever covered the game forever. I mean, just a hockey guy. And had him on to discuss the Berlin's defense of issues, some offensive issues. And then we got into a really interesting conversation on Patrice bergeron. The last probably ten to 15 minutes of the show. So it was worth it. It was very worth at the time was worth it. This is very worth your time. He gives awesome insight he's a really smart guy, and he's been doing a hockey journal can't recommend it enough. So he'll be someone that let me know. I think he's someone that we should definitely have on a bit more, very interesting guy. And yeah, so that is today's episode. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. It is brought to you by our good friends over at bed online, as well as into dispensaries, which hopefully you guys are going and getting your free t-shirts. Come on, it's free t-shirts or it's a penny. T-shirts excuse me. It's not free. It's for a penny. So go there now. And without further ado, here's my conversation. With Kirk luky. And.

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