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Ball. This time Collins does feed it to the running back. Darius Anderson first and ten at the forty two angling left to right across made field. I down to the Oklahoma forty eight a gain of ten Brendan Radley Hiles on the star this whole energy level of the offense has picked up with Collins in there, you can tell he's giving them hope. The question was would Collins get more time with Sean Robinson struggling so mightily Mary Patterson, deciding to make the switch in the first half and this paid dividends but TCU down forty five twenty seven at the moment. Twelve minutes remaining Collins takes a route in the flat clothes back to the right incomplete. Lot of traffic there. Jalen raker? The intended target Neville Gallimore. Is there to break it up? Second and ten coming up from the Oklahoma forty eight. TCU lost four offense lineman from their team a year ago all four or on NFL rosters either on active rosters or practice squad. Second ten now Collins turns and gives to Anderson off right tackle Anderson, Lois the shoulder across the forty five between the numbers and the hash marks up to about the forty-one. Kenneth Murray brings him down. Gained seven at this stage in the game down forty five twenty seven. Flop under twelve minutes. This is four down territory for TCU. Third and three TCU just three of ten on third down Alana Lewis, check Senate running back from the right hash. Mark third and three college kids to Lula lasting ahead. He's scott. The first down the thirty five Murray makes another tackle along the low picks up six TCU was right back to the line eleven fifteen remaining now more frogs trail Forty-five twenty-seven give it right back to Alana Lewis starts off left tackle it back to the right? Crosses the thirty five to the thirty three pick up to Radley highlights and Murray collaborate on the stock the aforementioned right defensive ends Perkins slanted inside Alana lose saw him running off the offensive left side made a dramatic cut back to the right side. And save back. Play looked like it was going to be a.

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