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Intriguing. From ben rothlisberger quote on black and gold through and through. I told mr rooney and coach tomlin this going back to the contract renegotiation all the stuff that played out over the winter months here. I told mr rooney coach tomlin. I wanted to be here. This is home for me. It's why i was willing to take a pay cut to stay here and help this team in city so ben rothlisberger saying what what a great guy am for taking a pay cut and staying with the steelers. Those it was a classic move it was classic. Move but then ben talking. Let's just wobble will say that he continued. He did have some glowing reports of a guy that he will be leaning very heavily upon this next season in najah harris the running back ricky running back out of alabama when asked about nausea harris. Ben rothlisberger said quote. He's a really hard worker and that running back coach eddie faulkner has had to say quote. Hey nausea. I have to go home now. When harris has been working at the facility for long hours so he is relaying that alabama. Nick sabin work ethic and work ethic of his own. Obviously to to the pros and do the pittsburgh steelers trying to impress a lot of people but also trying to make sure that he is a very very good player. obviously had a great career at with the crimson tide and looks to be the next pretty. Dang good steelers running back so The rest of the division will have their hands full with him as well. He seems to be putting in all of the work so We'll see how his rookie year turns out moving onto the browns. They are having more of their veterans. Start to show up add. Ota's myles garrett was among the veterans who attended browns. I o ta practice of season. So obviously he is one of if not their best player on the unreal. The entire team a very good player. All pro defensive end So he was there on tuesday So was the session was closed to the media but he is leading by example. There is some stuff. If you fucked going social media myles garrett dumping on some guys got a ymca or a gym or something and then he was getting off a plane. It'll be their coach stefanski. And so he he's leading by example even though he's been busy this offseason so myles garrett looks to be in top form their this a lot of people including myself love this guy's breakdowns particularly when it comes to blocking an offensive lineman. Brian baldinger a guy who played in the pros for a very long time. This he's talking on. Nfl total access about the browns offense of wine You know. You're you don't have your joe thomas or absolute studs in there. Yeah they they drafted a guy pretty high last year but quote about the the best align in the nfl. And the cleveland browns quote when they take on a defensive line they mangle them they carve them up in the middle there. The gold standard right. Now that is a quote from. Brian baldinger about the cleveland browns offensive line. And he's not far off. That is a. They are a very good group as evidenced by their ability to run the football their ability to utilize play action and do all kinds of different things. So that is what brian baldinger had to say about. The browns offense lime and that is a little bit of a rap on the afc north. In general i'm sure there are other headlines out there to those are some intriguing ones that i saw. Come across the wire here. Let's close it up with some nfl news. And we will bounce on out of here. Morgan moses washington right tackle that a lot of bengals fans were clamoring for a on his the announcer. He was available for trade then he was released so he is now going to visit the bears. He already met with the jets last week. Morgan moses does not appear to be within the bengals offensive line plans at this point it would have to do some massive reshuffling including mentioned john williams in the bank showing a lot of faith in him at left tackle moving him somewhere or moving riley reef somewhere kicking him inside and really doing a musical chairs type of situation along the offensive line. I mean you make it work if you feel that. He's going to be an upgrade in general to your offensive line but it appears the bengals are not going to be going after morgan moses services. So he met with the jets last week. He is going to visit. The bears is moses. So that ship for the bengals seems to have sailed we will see the former bengals player found some A new line of work while me not new line of work but got got a new gig here on this is on profootballtalk. The texans sign rex burkhead former running back to the bengals who ended up having a pretty productive career for himself when utilized in new england And so the texans who are in just a state of all kinds of mess They sign rex. Burkhead as versatile. Running back a guy. They hope can help. Help their offense out in a number of different ways. He's very versatile guy catch football while run the ball block a little bit so just a versatile guy will see how how productive season he has but After spending a little time with the bengals spending some time with with patriots birkhead is now with houston so they signed him and good for him. Good guy and did you know found himself. A good good niche. In new england after being kinda criminally underused in cincinnati. This is just a. I guess a psa fans now that fans are being welcome back into stadiums whether it's a limited capacity or what have you basically there are fans will be back in in stadiums and by a lot higher of a margin than they were last year. Does the cova crisis and all of that. But unfortunately what we're seeing is we're seeing a bunch of knuckleheads in the stands. At least as it goes in the spring and summer months in sports there number of incidents in stands. Where in in baseball games. You're seeing fans. i mean. there was an infamous one. I think it was a rocky padres game. Guy just walked up and hit a guy in the face and he collapsed over a row seats..

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