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Exploring that. You're rebellious story. Taught me much about myself. I'd have to say and in the world. I think that was my biggest takeaway. You know it really opened my eyes to damaging social constructs that i hadn't realized for so present around us and even damaging idealisms that i was subconsciously carrying around and Yeah it's i. I really feel like i had rose colored glasses on prior to picking up the script and and really picking are very inventive creator of our show Elliot lawrence brain so price. That i feel like i really knew little or pay paid little attention. That was quite oblivious to the war going on outside my door for lack of better words. I think it's taught me a lot about what kindness and what it truly means to be accepting You know not only to other people but yourself and and how to forgive and It's it's not something that i really expected to really dive into in the midst of shooting a tv show. And all chaos. And i learned a lot about interacting with women to something. I always struggled with growing up. Oh cool yeah. I have to comment on deadly class. And i actually talked to your cast mates and we just didn't connect there's one scene. I definitely want to talk about that. I thought was extremely poignant and really told a lot of actors was when they were essentially trapped in their rooms and then it for lack of a better word it was that the threesome but it was not what you expected and it actually revealed so much about them. The boys i talked to do they loved playing at seen so that was such a grossing own. Yeah we are all running around in our underwear for the day. Yeah it was so fun to make. And when i i read that in the script i was like splitting the size laughing and hollering and i called them both and i was like. Did you read this. You rick making this new and yeah. You're just oh so so much fun and we you know you're shooting late in the night. Real hyper running rattener underwear and you had robes on but at that point we just like you know what everyone's seen us you know to wear. Who cares at this point. And i think Leeann was running around playing captain underwear with his rope as shape or something. A i say timing him the other day liam and Well we all miss each other so dearly. We all stay.

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