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That is a huge deal with the Democratic Party and south, Carolina. So anytime candidate takes the time to attend those events. Let's everyone know that you're really interested in South Carolina Interested in South Carolina voters and you're GONNA do whatever it takes to get South Carolina voters as well. Now let's talk about the barbecue aspect. So when you come this way you have to eat department Q. The low country I think they're more vinegar base. I think the upstate where I'm from is more mustard yellow base. Then I think in the middle is more like ketchup and vinegar base, but you have to come and try all of it and then a lot of people go to Rodney Scott Barbecue. So there's one in Hemingway South Carolina, and then there's one in Charleston so. Tom's dyer what he did for the arts kind of Cook off was he brought the entire Rodney Scott restaurant from Charleston to the kickoff. So he's out there serving whole mills of Barbecue. So those are just two well known staples in two well-known Barbecue joints that people know national because Rodney Scott. Says actually rank nationally with their barbecue. So you have to come to South Carolina and try those to barbecue places. I feel like if a candidate is thinking about trying to set up like the perfect photo opportunity barbecues like a worse case scenario you thanks well, if you see. You. Need to take the picture before they start eating at least what the four going into the mouth. Breath thank you so much for joining us. It's been a really really great conversation. Thank you. It's been my pleasure in Coal Co.. New York. But I am so grateful that you call me to be here today. So thank you so much. This concludes the final episode of season, two of your primary playlist I. Hope you found this helpful guide to the INS and out of the early states that plays such a large role in selecting our nominee..

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