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Of a morning show tomorrow around starting at five yesterday what about digital had a job with our guest to route club L. a comparative education expert the author of a new book that explores the sordid world class will mother's journey halfway around the globe in search of the best education for children and we will get into that momentarily right now Kim calls in from northwest Montana on the bull headed show hello Kim yes Sir so what's the author's name her name is to rue club fell that's T. E. R. U. C. L. A. V. E. L. okay and your book is called world class that is correct okay so I have a question for her I'm sixty four and I grew up reading books so I would like to ask her what about reading books purses online crap oh sorry we will will will try to read between the lines and discern what you have to say okay the I I assume she's probably talking about things like online for all I know maybe even the even candles I really don't know precisely but your thoughts about greedy what I'm sure the sub today would call dead trees which is what I tend to read yes it's a cam I agree with you completely I'm in fact I went on a school tour which I do you frequently I went on a school tour a couple weeks ago and I was taken to the library and I mean so can I couldn't keep my mouth closed I said we are your books I thank you because I couldn't figure out it is their basements like I could I could feel where they were because so many libraries even today are offering everything online as as you know the material electronic material so I agree completely cam and publishing businesses struggling for it and everybody is producing all kinds of content that they're putting on line and people are not reading books kids are not reading books I tell my own children and right now I have a high school I middle school and elementary school they do not have smartphones I'm very anti technology that way and I tell them your your down time is to be reading a book in these days a lot of kids but is there are there are when they're bored they're constantly scrolling on smartphones and such an eight and they don't know how to engage in other ways and it's a it's a big big problem and I will say it's absolutely one of the main reasons that our scores are falling in this country now it a man would be all I could add to that one eight six six five oh Jimbo to Chris in the run sillier Indiana good evening Chris thank you so much for granted and it's about that not your nine I am in my early forties and I am starting to substitute teach right now but in the in the beginning the year I've I will go head to get my to buy licenses Cheech and I really like this discussion and I was curious because I I see the technology inside the classroom while I do this basically every day because there is a such a need for teachers however what are your thoughts on I think that as a I are bad for the arts and I come from maybe a more about performance background or more about our spat ground is there any connection that we we lost yards because I can see it it's never find it and now I see the kids there yeah but you you are correct there on their cell phones they're on the you too and it's almost like you have to babysit them not to like come on let's go let's read the book let's get the homework done was right whatever I can do to help and I would be just be curious about your thoughts about maybe a lack of arson stuff thank you so much for this is absolutely right thanks very much Chris your response through I'm sorry I mean the first thing that you that we need to discuss when it comes to the art of the lack of funding because in the schools don't have funding one of the first things to go in the arts P. in even finance right so that's that's the first thing but yeah what what are we losing I live in New York City and I love taking advantage of every cultural artistic performance theatrical museum anything that I can go to and I am floored that Ernie hall is not sold out we can have a world renowned performers in there and I can tell you the average age is probably around seventy years old right we are not teaching our kids about the arts so how are we going to maintain the arts in this country right we can talk about Hollywood and films and the drivel that's produced online and and put on to use you absolutely Chris we have to invest in the arts because you know this is something that that his fall by the wayside for for some for some reason it's you know we should make this show how do you get to Carnegie Hall practice practice practice right but now it's kind of like if we tell our kids that they've never cry something or to repeat something if I were creating some kind of harm because learning always just half the fun but the reality is if you look at the most you know accomplished actors artists or writers they all had to study right anatomy or practice scales on the piano for years and years or you know grammar or Shakespeare right Albert Einstein was interest I mean he wasn't let's let's say he did a lot of computation by hand hung his address way to put it so we have to somehow get back to the fundamental that we are definitely getting away from it yes the art you're going to be suffering.

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