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The victims of the stoneman Douglas shooting appeared before the public safety commission to discuss the emotional and logistical nightmare. They went through while waiting to learn the fate of their loved ones. Many of the relatives spent hours at a local hotel without any updates from police in family was called into a different room to speak to an investigator. They could hear people wailing knowing they were next in line to get bad news, Debbie Hicks who lost her husband. Chris says she was getting condolence texts before actual confirmation. I would've rather someone said, you know, we suspect that Chris isn't here. And then later told we were wrong Nick missions trying to come up with a best practices plan to notify relatives. In a worst case scenario, Wendy Gershman, Miami, the suspect and a double shooting that happened in Miami gardens almost a year ago has surrendered to police in New York City Twenty-three-year-old Giovanni Stewart will be sent back to Miami Dade County to face charges that he shot and killed Twenty-three-year-old. Donald Armstrong and Twenty-three-year-old Stephen Cam. The last June. Police say Stewart who is homeless confessed a Saint Lucie county deputies on the wrong side of jail bars accused of committing sexual assault and battery while on duty brokenhearted disappointed and quite frankly, disgusted by recent allegations against one of my own deputies Saint Lucy sheriff Ken miscarriage says the alleged victim came forward in February with accusations against forty-three ruled Thomas Johnson, a habitual flasher is struck again at a popular manatee county restaurant. The sheriff Salva says a man's exposed himself to several customers while I was sitting at one of the tables last summer a guy described as wearing pants with holes in them was asked to leave after he did the same thing deputies say the guy knows what he's doing and ask if anyone has any information, please contact the manatee county sheriff's office with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad.

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