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Low pressure under the current makes more downforce so a lower car we all know goes faster. That's true but if a car stiff it won't go down row k. So what we do. Is we make the car super soft. And we put you know. The bump rubbers stop shopping crashing. You know when when you bought them out. We have little plastic discs. They're called packers. And we tune the gap on the bumper to the shock so we can get the car on the springs of sink down and gets a bumper and hold it at the right. Hif- oh okay and so we want to do as you want the car really soft complain for low-speed corners like hairpin sold put down power and break really well but then as the aero picks up at pushes the car down to what the optimal ride height is we wanna spend the highest percentage of the lifetime at that right hice. Okay so when is it. High speed are the springs. Compressed and then the bumper to bumper holds the car at its right hif- and then most need it rises off those you have a nice compliant rice where she right to manage oversteer and body body weight break power. Done 'cause speed corner. That's the problem at high speed corey downforce and you're gonna taller gear so traction off the corners problem it's support and this gives you the support that you need and holds the car at the right platform that's cool streak are of the same way we have packers in the eight. Oh really yeah we truth so when you go down the highway the bumpers don't touch but then you load into a corner we've put the packers are just the right amount so that rolls in the bumper of in the spring rate goes up some progressive springer and it gives the car support. Oh it'd be like supplements the springer. Yeah oh neat yeah. So that's that's my makers right so l handled so well over the bumps and then we hit bump because he had the squishy foam and they're progressive soaks up the bump really well. It doesn't like back on get bounce off of it but you have to have some suspension travel to do that. That were genius. I remember when we visited your Old place the machine. That was just testing a bump. Stop in the corner. You have hysteresis the bumpers. We actually test the history of the bump river. So i i in formula one cars at any cars. They have a third spring. You know that works no. They have a role spring and then have a he spring. Heave is up and down okay car. And so what they do. They tune the roles bring soften tune the he spring so they can get the car come down and they put the packers on the heath spring and the bumper so they they have a spring. Just ride height. Control is the role spring-like connected to sway bars. So shocked shocked and then in the center where the beam or the robot goes third shock. The goes far with a spring on it. You can adjust the gap on it and the spring preloaded in the spring rate. Oh so you so. You can set the right height front and rear with one spring and the roll rate with another spring. Well that's not where we're not allowed to have third springs and gt's so we do with bumpers and packers and it's also kind of impractical. Because you have a shot under fender where the foreign cars push rod in the shock. You know up in the nose of the car and everything's right there next really easy to do. Just packaging standpoint right But in a street carts practical and it's not practical and gt cars. We do bump rubbers and packers. It doesn't work as well but it has the same basic effect. Yeah yeah sidebar if you do run inboard suspension a streetcar rule on the occasion. I've seen it done in hydraulic interconnects. Where the corner is talk to each other. So it's really sophisticated. I believe mclaren does that. And they're super series cars. That's what the the mclaren extra awesome suspension. They've made that illegal in formula on the last year or two might be back to mentioned shocks and springs and third. I can't remember now. Keep track a formula and rules that much. I'm sure somebody either banned one tech. I'll take all of that. You're band except cvt so you can see that off. Your just never feels right doesn't mean isn't it always seemed to be paired with an engine. That's like grosny so it was just an.

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