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The that would get traction there are almana they're all spies in owned kgb scurvy no evidence that at all they gotta get off his russian kick conway they get it they're gonna they're de democrats can use this they now see i saw the light there's too many smart guys out there democrat guys at work in campaigns campaign strategists who aren't gonna want to see a law like this because they want to say well we were smarter than the republicans we have better education were just smarter their old dumb so we could do better a better job of we just did the job hillary didn't do the job she screwed up another you know she wasn't going to do well anyway uh but you know for the next go round we can do it obama did use that they said is what they said in the report obama used these guys yes then he won well look we'll see i think you're on i think you yes you're be but you're not going to get i don't think is going anywhere did you have the clip of adam schiff talking about russia loves our second amendment was at your clip do we have a clip i don't remember the clip yeah it was it was and i think you had a he knew he was so much like all the russians they love our second amendment because they they they just wanna meal 'cause all kinds of problems with that they love it they love stern up shed around the the nra and not no net second amendment specifically edia new ned mischief yeah i remember i thought we have a clip it was a youtube floating around i can't i don't see it here however to some degree depends on what dimension you're living in he was right and this was a great piece on this may be npr again let me see yes.

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