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Dfs sign up for that as well when you're signing up With the code. F f f right. We've been talking about it. We've been alluding to wide receivers is. There's just so much value here. We could have spent the entire show talking about the value that we have at the wide receiver position. Here mike. i'm just going to open it up and start with you. Marvin jones thirty six hundred dollars. Hashtag too cheap to yeah. Let me ask you a question. Sixteen games this week again. There's thirteen in this lay right so you're moving three now. You're ranking receivers. Where roughly do you think you would put. Marvin jones in those rankings with arlen jones is probably the mid thirties. Yeah maybe like thirty five forty ranger. Yeah well seventy. Wide receivers are priced higher in week. One seventy for this guy. That doesn't make any sense. Made no sense at all so as we sort through some of these tremendous value wide receiver. We're going to try to find the best ones. And i think without question. He is because he costs a little as a good matchup. Yes it's be with jacksonville. But he could be as high as their number one wide receiver in this game and easy tremendous matchup against houston defense that we thought they'd be without their top corner bradley roby. Well now they will be all season. 'cause they traded him to the new orleans saints so rough spot for that defense for shores they kinda rebuilding team and look the way. Marvin jones is utilized. Makes him find for cash. Price point tremendous for cash but especially tournaments is finished top twenty five in end zone targets and average target five straight seasons deep targets endzone targets at adds up to potentially huge games. That we've seen that from. He's been a big play monster touchdown monster throughout his career. Now he has Trevor lawrence down there in jacksonville. So i think marvin jones at his price point. Just just throw them in there. I mean it's just way too little for a player that good thirty. Six hundred dollars is so unbelievably inexpensive. My fear and my question for you back. Quick as a rebuttal. Any any concern about having a rookie quarterback first game out there. I mean i think that's sort of baked into the price point right. I mean that's that's part of it happens. It comes along with the ability of like thirty six hundred dollars for this guy. But are you worried about trevor lawrence potentially as rookie debut here not really because lawrence has look pretty good and again he could catch a ten yard touchdown and basically be at his pricey k. Of one targeted down. And that's it or he could do what we would expect maybe score touchdown but probably get five six seven catches for again. If they were playing a tougher team i might think mile. It could be a disaster here but they're playing houston and this is expected to be a game where they score plenty of points. It's great situation for trevor lawrence to step in as such a talented player. The number one pick and play one may look on paper. I think it's the worst defense in the nfl. I think it's easily the worst defense on paper in the nfl so again all things considered i think it's a smash play as they say to make up a term smash play clash. Play clash bully right. Cla smashed this was not our best. Al you got l. Mike alluded to the rookies. And how cheap they are and you wanna talk about rondell more because he comes in at three thousand dollars i and felt i mean look should you stay or should you go now on rondell more. You know segue from the clash. Look at you think you should stay now. Because he's the absolute stone minimum. He's stepping into larry fitzgerald role this horizontal raid offense at cliff. He runs over in arizona and he's just going to get. He could end this week with six targets. Five of them being negative air yards targets and typically. Those bubbles little jailbreak screens. Whatever they run on the mesh stuff on the outside to that larry fitzgerald role in this offense. It's easy catches like he can walk out with five catches all negative air yards. But when you figure what lurks. Joe was able to do and be capable. Pr player last season. But was priced between forty five hundred fifty five hundred. You're getting that at three thousand with somebody who might be a little more spry then. The ageless one. Larry fitzgerald if he catches one. Twenty are pestis as mike said. There's so many guys. that are like rookies. That are three to four k. And i'm not gonna tell you that any of them are bad places because we look for volume and they're all going to get it and run them. Probably the safest floor of all of them have similar ceilings. There's like nine guys out there. I would not be shocked if you had like three. Four rookies in your lineups this week. It's a scene man. It's really weird this week in week. One but i'm here for it. I'm here for it to like. We're about to run through the quote unquote other wide. Receivers that we like. And i just need you to sit down because it's going to be a minute because there's a lot to get to but as a reminder marvin jones thirty six hundred dollars really love his value rondo more. Al just talked about three thousand dollars. Love value a couple more. Please forgive me when i say all of them in a row. Mark west galloway marquez. Thirty four hundred dollars. Jalen waddle thirty six hundred dollars. Against the patriots t higgins forty seven. Hundred dollars cost more expensive. It costs more than higgins. Was that jomar chase and forty eight hundred. Dollars i love t higgins like..

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