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Film was born in Cincinnati. He left to play trombone in a circus band, and then came back to Cincinnati to start his own band. By that time, radio had been invented and was bringing music into people's homes. Fill Moore's band was one of the first to do regular broadcasts on the radio. Another twentieth century invention, the phonograph turned out to be the death of the touring bands and John Philip Sousa's side coming. He's the one who coined the term canned music implying that recorded music, like canned vegetables was not as good as the real thing Sousa realized that once people could buy music to listen to in their own homes, they wouldn't go out to hear band concerts and he was right, your attention attention. Friends with a wave of my hand. This very, please observe me if you will. I'm professor Harold hill and I'm here to organize river city boys, ma'am. There's a Broadway show that has a direct link to the golden age of American bands. Meredith Wilson played flute and Piccolo in John. Philip Sousa's band Wilson paid tribute to his famous bandleader and others in the musical comedy, he wrote simusip man. Seventy six. Coming with one hundred and ten Hornets close at hand. They were followed by rows and rows of the finest to SOS degree. Famous ban. I'm Naomi Lewin. I write classics for kids and produce it with Tim Linter. And Bruce Ellison w. g. UC Cincinnati. Please join me again for more classics for kids.

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