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It's worth going for the day when you're talking about raising money for companies raising money for for your fund and stuff like that now. I can have those three four or five meetings before. I have lunch and and tell me wearing a should have won the nicer shirt but still be wearing my sweat shorts and shooting on my computer and and that's it right like i wake up in the morning. I'm an early bird For the most part and by eight in the morning almost every single have call somebody one of our portfolio companies. Something right and by noon. I've met more people and gotten more done than i need to sunday. That's the blockade. So i can actually get in terms of executing but there's there's an opportunity here and cryptos up should be the ones most ready to jump on that opportunity. The money is digital. The meetings are virtual. You know everything should bishen. Be any reason why has to meet versus another than it for networking team building. There is something silly gets the physical world which we missed that our conference but what we got was close to ten x probably with the replays of our conference got ten the audience around the world that people who couldn't wouldn't have been able to afford flying it wouldn't have been able to afford a hotel room people who maybe didn't at the time to do it but but now we can actually get the word that we spread the word we can. Do everything wanna do customers. Do whatever needs to get done for for whichever company and do it on you know in a way better fashion because it's it's virtual so we gotta take it to that stuff. I completely agree and like one of the things are shed de. I've seen myself. Is that this. Kobe has kind of enabled or triggered that specific name. Though that i see this ability for you know that only takes now. It's kind of. It's become so border less than all it takes now is like a unique this like a lake.

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