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Will you read? You know, finally being noticed for being that, you know, first minority in hockey, and we're starting to see War and war, Uh, black players in the league and minority players, and that's huge for the game. Uh, I remember, you know, talking to my good buddy. In fact, I just talked to him today for a little bit Roberto Clemente Jr and he would tell me You know, Katie goes. I know your dad. His favorite player was Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers. You said my dad, you know, it was a dark skin, Puerto Rican. He goes. Even the Blacks used to discriminate against my dad because that's how tough it was. But you know, people don't You know, they don't understand. They don't They don't see you know this racism that has gone back. I think things overall. I really do think that there's been a lot of progress made are they're still going to be racist and Every walk of life. Yeah, there are. Unfortunately, it's sad, but that's going to happen. Talk to me about how the NHL has come, Ah, ways and it still has a ways to go. And how many more minority players you expect to see Come up through the pipelines in the upcoming years? Because we've seen Warren Warren, you mentioned a guy like Wayne Simmons. And you know, I remember back in the day It was like Grand Feur. And there were not a lot on the technique to root. There were not a lot of guys you know, back in the day, so talk to me a little. What about the progress that the NHL is making as far as that all goes as far as the minorities on the way up and being a bigger part in the NHL? Yeah, you know, I mean, can I live in a small town, You know, 20,000 population here, but, you know, growing up in the suburbs of Toronto. I grew up in Scarborough, which is actually the where Wayne Simmons is from. And it wasn't a nice part of metropolitan strong so I can tell you that Um and I played hockey with, you know, with Ah lot of black kids. African Canadian, I guess would be the proper but and I played with a lot of the kids I played. I played high school football as well. Um, you know, one thing that they started here about 10 15 years ago in Canada as everyone can play And basically what it is, is, um I think it's like 105 bucks gets you a full set of gear. You have to be any key under 12 years old or something that might get you a full set of hockey gear and get you a couple of practices and a couple of games And then if you want to pursue it from there There's avenues that kid can take, and if they can't afford it, they have some support and sponsorship on some different levels. But they started this about 10 15 years ago, and it's been Um, you know, it's It's been a really good way to introduce the game for a kid that hey, can imported or be don't have the opportunities or or just didn't grow up with somebody pushing them towards that sport. And so you know, in our community here, we've got We? We've got a lot of East Indian kids playing and you know, there's a couple of kids on will's team and you know it. So that my son, of course, and so, Yeah, you certainly do seem or that it's good to see Um, one of the neat stories I heard about Willie O'Ree. He's blind in one eye. Hey, can I don't know if you knew that, but when he came up into the NHL Didn't tell the coaches or tell anybody. Nobody asked for anything like that. And he just kind of went on about it. Didn't find out till years later that will. You re not only having of course, the break the color barrier man each other did it with one eye. I don't know if you knew that, but it really is. Well. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I like the way when really told the story goes well, you know, nobody asked you to stop something we asked. People right has a vision, right? Especially back then. You know, like, how is your vision there? You see? No to both of my eyes, right? It's not like they have the science of the trainers like they do now. All right, so you know, nobody asked, really said so I didn't offer it but I was playing with one. I almost fears there. One. I certainly wasn't as good as the other, That's for sure. Great. They're all like, gosh, she never noticed whenever he gets a tip in it, So he's always on the right side, Iet's just unbelievable. Can you ever get something from the left? That is great that Zed that's incredible to me. The other mother, right hand side there. Among the left exact, be ongoing joke. He had the right. He gave a new meaning to the No. Look pass, right. I mean, for sure his good stuff. Wow. It is great to see though, that Ah, lot of these pioneers are being honored. And and and we don't even realize you know some of the scrutiny they went through, you know, coming up and and and again hearing about it, you know, firsthand from the people that their dads or their grandfather's experienced it, it is always kind of need and and really gives you a different perspective and proper perspective that that let's get back to the glad I was gonna say, Let's let's get back to the lead. Let's Let's stay in that Canadian Division real quick. What has quite you're right because that connects one that opener they dropped. Three in a row. Calgary's off to a to Owen, one start as his Montreal losing that one to the to the least, of course in overtime, Uh, Winnipeg, two on one out of wood, 11 and one and then admitted sitting at one and three. Talk to me a little bit about what's caught your eye as far as anybody because Calgary off to that good start, and that's a team that you and I both thought had an opportunity to make the postseason. Yeah. You know, a couple of things that were kind of jumping out at me, You know, First of all, The Oilers and, you know no surprise there. One trick pony, right? You shut down that line of David and Dr Seidel, and you've got a really good chance of women. The hockey game. And, you know, economist David, you know, very great hockey player, But I mean, you know, the Oilers have tried to split those two up a swell toe balance is growing attack, but they just don't have the depth of the players around them. I mean, How many years is everything they've been? Really They just have not been able to find the players to go with these guys. But, um Connor McDavid's three goals Autumn, all in Game two this season against the connected, scored a hat trick and boy, what a game. It was two amazing highlight real gold, all three goals and great goals, but to real highlight real goals. But teams they're figuring so far anyway. I mean, it's only two other games but three other games, but he's scoreless in his other games. Is my point can so I'll expect to see more intimate David. Unfortunately, coming to Toronto on a throne tomorrow night. And it's from just north of Toronto. And they usually seem to play well when they're they're back in their old digs there, but really surprised with that. The orders also, you know, no real great backup goaltending, so they've been riding costume and so far leaving costume. It's not a great starter, so Expresses their backup. He's injured and so not a lot of faith in the third string there, and so already you're in a bit of a hole there. I know it's short season, but for you You know, it's just like baseball. You can't win it in early season, But, boy, you sure can't dig yourself a hole and moving so little surprised with the others. Vancouver I'm really surprised about as well. They've been going between Hopi and damn Coke, and I think we're seeing You know, I talked with Jacob Markstrom and he went to Calgary can and that's one of the reasons why we like Calgary to make the playoffs, right? It is because Cause, of course, marks from a great goaltender got scooped up by Calgary Kristanna, another great hockey player defenseman, also with the conduct for years and years, got drafted by them..

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