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The game. Edwin Jackson pitch scoreless ball into the Sixers one hundred career victory you. Know about all, the teams he's played on as get their, offense back. In gears they thumped the Ajay's ten, to one Jonathan Luke ROY you just heard that drove in three the used their power to clear the fences and get back on track. As they scored a total of just four. Runs at Coors, field following a season best six game winning streak, the Red Sox, speaking of wheeling and dealing. Acquire former gold glove winning second. Baseman Ian. Kistler from the angels he's batting just two thirty nine this season, the Boston had a need as Dustin Pedroia. Is, on the shelf Tim Kirk with this take on the acquisition well, it means they get a veteran, player who can play second base not necessarily on an everyday basis but in Kinzler Not, afraid of the competition is played in the, World Series. Before and this allows them to take, it bardo Nunez Brock Holt and all the guys who've been filling in at second base and make them more of a utility guy which. Is where their best serve and this of. Course insurance in, case doesn't fedora doesn't come back this year and, if he does, I don't think he's gonna. Come back as a really productive. Player they. Added a solid major league second basemen I was told tonight Brian, dosier is not a part of their plans. They, went to plan b. and went to end Kinzler who I think, is an upgrade on what they, have right now Forty two over, got slightly better tonight, no? Doubt about it meets on the Red Sox as don't. Lose Blake Swihart doubled home the game winner in the thirteenth Boston two to one, over Philadelphia they are seventy five and thirty three best record in the, bigs forty two games buff. Hundred for the, first time since the end of the nineteen forty six season and, how this the nationals of told teams that Bryce Harper is available they have spoken to some teams to determine what kind of return they could get if they decide, they're willing to trade the all. Star outfielder, again the, NATs as we head to the deadline a sub five hundred team four PM, eastern later on today is that deadline giants right hander Johnny Cueto. Facing the likelihood of Tommy John surgery he's Willis enforce art since,.

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