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Keeping you connected with the latest news. This is talk radio six eighty. And wcbMcom. Good morning. I'm Michael Philip Elliott, six eighty WCBS Maryland news center with the news at eleven thirty Maryland state troopers, say attempt to traffic stop early this morning in the oxen hill area resulted in a pursued a hit and run collision. The arrest of a felon and seizure of a loaded handgun Thirty-seven-year-old. Lamar devan Daniels of Landover faces multiple charges. A seventy two hour ceasefire mother's day. Weekend is beginning in Baltimore. The goal is for the city to go three days without a shooting stabbing or any other kind of violence a dolphin that appear to be in distress in. The Baltimore harbor yesterday. Morning was monitored by by biologists. At the national aquarium who deemed a rescue effort was too risky. The dolphin was spotted swimming in circles and flapping its tail ill irregularly in waters between the canton waterfront and fort mckenry pregnant balloon festival kicking off Preakness week today at the Howard county fairgrounds in west friendship festival runs today through Sunday with free admission families can enjoy fun food plus entertainment along. With arts and crafts vendors among gummy county police officer was recorded using a racist slur to refer to several detain black men. Yesterday's incident was live streamed on Instagram by one of the men. The department is investigating one person is dead after a crofton house fire yesterday afternoon Roulston place, investigators working to determine the cause of the blaze CBS news time eleven thirty one. We'll have a brief look at sports and your weather. Channel forecast is next. Hey, Sean Hannity here. Do you want to retirement advisor that you know, you can trust? How would you like someone with over forty years of retirement income.

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