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Morning. WBZ news time nine eleven more than fifty seven million tourists came to Chicago last year. That's more than four percent increase in two thousand seventeen and a new record city officials say there were also significant growth in conventions last year with sixty new major conventions and twenty three hundred small meetings signed on in the perfusion events with the swearing in of the new Illinois. A general assembly comes new leadership in the house house speaker, Mike Madigan his name. Democratic Representative Greg Harris to be the house majority leader will states, I openly gay legislator to hold that post in announcing the appointment Madigan credited Harris with leading the effort to make you'll annoy one of the first states to pass marriage equality. Our says a priority of his is to work with Republicans in the house and Senate as well as the governor to restore the state's fiscal stability Bob convoy, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. FM? Chicago alderman, Ed Burke challenges in next month's election are using a new tactic to defeat him at the polls challenger Jose Torres says he is dropping out of the automatic race in the fourteenth ward, and it will support civil engineer Tanya Patino against Burke with criminal charges against Burke is critics think he's vulnerable because the fourteenth ward has changed demographically to a majority Latino population Burke denies any wrongdoing and is moving ahead with reelection plans. Heath Johnson, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM the leaders Intel suburban country club. Hills had hoped some vacant farmland near the intersection of I fifty seven, and I eighty would be used as an outlet mall. A new planets now surfaced the Tribune reports as Chicago based logistics company has bought the land and plans to build a distribution center. Coming up five day forecast. Details on tomorrow, snow and Cody parkey. Yeah. The bear kicker is on TV this morning talking about his double dunk, miss WBZ. News time nine thirteen. Stay.

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