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My goodness twenty three. The second longest throw in world history. This was the second straight olympic gold crowder who dedicated the win to his grandfather. Who recently passed away. It was special to be able to go out there. And kind kinda throw throw them for him And so yeah it was. It's been a difficult couple of weeks but <hes> felt good to get out there and and throw In felt like user with me it really was a very touching moment. And i also just want to point out. Enormous man doesn't interview with cowboy hat wrapped in american flag guys. It might have been the most american olympic moment ever. I just like to take a moment to interrupt our olympic roundup and this touching moment to point out that there was a life size pretty realistic sumo wrestler statue by one of the jumps on the equestrian course that supposedly was spooking the horses. Now we don't have sound for this. But i think this is one of those things that i would rather you. Use your imagination for anyway. Okay carry on all right. Well speaking of enormous things nba legend and noted dead had bill walton made an appearance on. Nbc's tokyo tonight with a strange glowing. Psychedelics zoom background of course and to the surprise of absolutely no one he rambled on covering ping pong japan china gold medal match in the mixed doubles ping pong today over the top imagination creativity. The radiant bruins cycling. I mean the dude does love to ride. His bike just took off drop brandon mcnulty and then while banner and tiny gotcha. They could not catch him. It was just incredible. I was just cheering. Yellen and his dog. He is retired service dog and all he is having very severe health trouble. So there's all on on the left your street the black dog. We only heard a few snippets there but knowing bill. I'm assuming that went on for about six hours. Think anyone actually knows i believe. He outlasted the entire audience. This is just the mic check. I haven't even asked the question yet. Okay speaking of icons talking about the olympics peacock has a show where snoop and kevin hart do. Olympic commentary so after a hard day of work. Guys let's treat ourselves to some of their equestrian commentary forces. I like this. This is a question. This is the cranston equestrian looking at horse to horse crip walking. Come on horses often chain. I gotta get this video. Oh my god this thing. I would listen to that guy. Read a phone book. That's kind of the snoop kevin hart broadcast booth absolutely riveting stuff. Give me all of the kevin hart and snoop olympics lasley guys. I just want to end on a positive note as you said. At the top of the episode honors there was a lot of backlash about japan moving forward with these olympics but one great thing to take away from the summer games was something that didn't happen in tokyo but was happening all around the world and that was children being inspired by these athletes. I saw so many videos posted by parents including young girls trying new tricks on their skateboards or bmx bikes. An impromptu water polo game at a public pool and kids running their hearts out doing all sorts of track and field events. I mean who knows. Maybe these games inspired the next. Simone biles caleb trestle or sydney mclaughlin and these videos could be replaced by nbc during the twenty forty olympics are at everybody. That's it for today. Thank you so much for listening and stroke. I think you should read the credit here. Okay thanks for listening this week. Our senior producer is me match drought production in fact checking by ian hurley and julia karen production assistance by eugene pereira's and mark nieto sound design and mixing by joe richardson. Aaron may and weighed on. Land tiffany kinski is our co host. Our executive producer is anders kelco. The show's executive produced by marshal louis for wondering from wondering the athletic. I'm matt strahl. See next week. Old man aching back sound is definitely going in

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