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You tell Donnie Brady's agent. Our first pick, we'll take a left tackle. Good draft left tackle. Sure so, Tom. We're giving you. The Best College left tackle Appro Guard. This is a super bowl roster. I, it was a signal and I. do think the chargers owner Dean Spanos wants him. They can't sell tickets so whether or not Tom Chooses the chargers I do think the chargers made that preemptive free agent move A. IT makes her football team better and be. It was a signal to Brady we are building a fortress around. You sound not. Not I think it's I. Think it's exactly right and look at this time to Lesko. He's up against Ballard your guy in the colts. You know who's a charmer. These guys are going to become an olive woodworks to get Tom Brady, but but to let's go has to win here he has to. You'RE GONNA impact. You've had good drafts. You've done things, but your quarterback away from winning at all. This is your quarterback and not care what it costs. Go get him and remember. This rob mookie Betts Great. Baseball player signed with the dodgers right Lebron goes to the Lakers. Davis Colli Leonard, Paul, George. You gotTa have a star. The chargers have a bunch of good players to sell tickets in L. A.. It is incredibly competitive sports market. Oh, there's no question in not only. Are you GONNA sell tickets? which obviously I mean, you can't outdraw the XFL team now. This is a slam dunk for him selling tickets. Absolutely you. You would do that overnight. Yeah, but you also have a chance to win it all you know. Know. You've got a great head coach Anthony. Lynn. You got a young coordinator there that smart. It's not like Tom Brady's GONNA come in. Learn somebody somebody's office. He's GonNa. Come in put his own offense in just like Peyton. When he went to Denver. So you have to have a group of people that will work with him I don't think him going to Oakland is GonNa Change John Gruden's. Way runs thanks. It's not gonNA happen. It will definitely happening in with La chargers. It will happen wherever else he goes so I. I would love to see that because I. Think I think. The chargers are begging for that to happen and I think this general manager. Whatever it don't come second place. You GotTa Win. They all whether we almost beat the Titan. No, you have to win this one because your whole franchise is begging for this to happen. Finally you phase. DAK A couple of times in Washington when you were coaching. The redskins Dak got your number. So would you pay him? Oh. There's no question that Prescott to me. Is He and Russell Wilson A to best quarterbacks in the NFC? I've seen this guy grow from. When he was young, we played him early in the season four game of the year then we played him the last game of the year. was going home, quitting and cry and going home and coaches players, whatever zero three in the morning watch a tape. This quarterback is so impressive from last season. It was amazing he the year before used to take sacks, even he'd be in the pocket. He'd hold the ball. Get hit and takes actually doesn't do that anymore. I think the the the moving the Kalam. Market offense coordinator really helped him. I think he does a good job. He doesn't look like much, but obviously he's done a nice job. He allowed back the freedom to check plays. Get into right place, and and then he allows. Dak Prescott function better from the pocket, and then outside the pocket throwing deep. Then I've seen anybody other than Russell Wilson. So this guy is on a tremendous upside. He's been in late for years to me. He's Russell Wilson, while Russell Wilson, took off played played for Seattle four years. They had great numbers. They had all that, but but you could feel. Feel him on the tape. You could see the leadership. You could see where this guy was going. This quarterbacks the same guy so when you watch tape of Dak, you see Russel. Oh, I. Do and I see an ultimate competitor when this guy's in the red zone, there's only two guys in the red zone now. The Cam Newton's has been banged up. Inside the ten, this guy's a physical quarterback. He's a physical player. That's the kid that plays for Buffalo. They're going to run you over. Yeah, they can do whatever it takes to score. I love this about this player, and and he's so so vastly improved. You can see. He's The star of the team without question. You need to pay him the guy that everybody says well. You got him then. You gotta get Cooper. I'd move on from Cooper faster than anything because he disappears in Games. He wasn't even on that tape. At the end of the year he he was, he was ghost. He's averaging forty yards a game. The last seven weeks of the season one touchdown probably against us. It's like like really like. Where is this guy? What is he doing? He's quitting on on rouse as a primary receiver. I remember all the HOOPLA about Dez Bryant. Who Does it cry because he never got the ball? This guy don't want it, so I mean I get it. We gotta pay this. No, you. Don't you better pay the quarterback because he's The star of the team and I love the way the kid plays. Plays Anti exciting to watch and I just know there's players Aaron Rodgers descending. These guys you see him on tape. This kid in the heart is four years in in his prime. He's going nothing but up. This is where you pay him now and you know have the rewards later. Yeah, we'll. The stories are. They are going to pay him and we're going to find out sometime next week Rob Ryan. Great seeing you again. All right joy better. Thanks man. Heard on the news. This is the headline news sponsored by Mercedes, Benz, the best or nothing? Well sticking with that Prescott, the cowboys are still trying to get dot Prescott extension done, but there seems to be a little more movement with Amari Cooper Steel, according to Edward Her. The cowboys are working hard to reach an agreement with Cooper and both sides are motivated to get the deal done. He also believes that it's possible that Cooper could sign his do before does. Complicate things is so fascinating to me. Dallas has paying everybody Tattoo early, except Dak so, it tells you there, you know they want to get this quarterback thing, right? That's what it tells you. Yeah I mean you would think that would be their number one priority above everything else, but to act number, not budging ought, but basically they're trying to sign at least one, and then they're going. They're not gonNA. Lose both of them, so they're either going to franchise tag. Amari Cooper and signed back or vice versa, obviously, ideally, they'd rather sign back. At some point. They're going to lose that Corner Jones Byron Jones they can't. They can't keeping everybody so at some point. If you told me who Dallas is going to draft in the first round, I'm GonNa make a prediction a cornerback. Because I, it looks like to me Dallas has one good one, and they're not going to be able to pay back Amari Z.. Tyron Smith Jalen Smith they'll. I think they'll pay rash within a year so they at some point, they got to lose somebody with these contracts and I think it's corner so anybody that needs a corner. I E New York jets go look for the cowboys. The broncos are reportedly interested in Amari Cooper. If the cowboys don't want, they lost Emmanuel Sanders so he's yeah. That's that's nice veteran. Move for them. Yeah I, mean again. I think that they should sign back. Rob I I don't I don't see how you allow that to the market or you continue on if you franchise tag him having to continue on with this feels like we've been talking about using tax contrast gone and counting tax dollars for like well over a year now we've been talking about for longer than that. So I think they end up getting the deal done Jack in and Franchise Sagging Amari Cooper so the panthers are still waiting to make a decision on Cam Newton's future, but they've locked in his backup from last Season Carolina has signed cal Alan to a one year deal Allen took over for Cam obviously in week three and won four straight games and expelled. Crazy and then yes, he dropped. Seven of his eight starts the rest of the season. What you do them? This is what a new coach does. Though let's sign them for a year. We need them on the roster. Did. This is what I would do. This. We're going to give you a contract for year. We're not committed anything, but right now. We got so many questions quarterback at least the players. Everybody in the room knows you. Know. Everyone knows you. You know the system. Obviously, you're not a starting quarterback to figure that out relatively quickly after everyone kind of a little bit overboard, but also he's a backup quarterback quarterback not.

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