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Okay. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Silence> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Would you go to that extent. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> And what does she <Silence> <Advertisement> do. Yes i <Speech_Male> will <Speech_Male> incredible. Steve <Speech_Male> incredible <Speech_Male> that she did that. Yup <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> shed a spotlight on <Speech_Male> it across the <Speech_Male> board whether <Speech_Male> it's You <Speech_Male> know whether athletes <Speech_Male> are affected by <Speech_Male> this in even <Speech_Male> those that <Speech_Male> don't have mental <Speech_Male> health issues. Maybe <Speech_Male> there are other athletes <Speech_Male> who still feel <Speech_Male> like this is affecting <Speech_Male> my tournament here <Speech_Male> or whatever <Speech_Male> a will this <Speech_Male> change the desire <Speech_Male> of athletes to <Speech_Male> participate in this <Speech_Male> post media stuff. <Speech_Male> Will <Speech_Male> it You <Speech_Male> know we'll fan. Second <Speech_Male> guess whether they truly <Speech_Male> need any of this <Speech_Male> information

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