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Thiss His AP News. I'm Rita, Full Florida Among the nations Corona virus hot spots is reporting its highest one day jump yet in deaths 120 tomorrow. Two of Disney's theme parks in Florida will reopen. Our Oscar Wells, Gabriel says. It will not be business as usual. It's more than just wearing a mask and practicing social distancing those meet and greet sessions with Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Forget it, Dido with fireworks parades. They've all been council because they could draw too many people together before entering both employees and visitors will have to get temperature checks at the gate. Even something a simple as asking the Disney staffer to snap a picture of you in front of Cinderella's castle is now a No, No, that would mean they would have to touch your Camera. I'm Oscar Wells Gabriel. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is among the leaders watching the state's reporting record levels of Corona virus cases. We know in some cases, it's because they didn't focus on the data and take some of the precautions they might have, and we have to learn from their example and constantly watched, constantly learn, Make sure we do not slip up and we keep the progress that we have sustained now. For many weeks, Mayor de Blasio helped paint the phrase black lives matter on Fifth Avenue in front of you. Jump tower. President Trump is furious, telling Fox News Channel's Hannity I got that man. Everything I spoke to a many times he couldn't have been nicer. And then he throws a big black lives matter. Sign right down in the middle of Fifth Avenue and all merchants along Fifth Avenue. Are furious. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Manhattan D A can see President Trump's tax returns for a criminal investigation. But the high court sent a separate request by Congress for the records backto lower courts. President is calling it all a witch hunt. Ah, hoax and calling New York where he has lived most of his life. Ah, hell hole. This is AP News. The Catholic Church has benefited from the Paycheck Protection program. The U. S. Roman Catholic Church has used a special and unprecedented exemption from federal rules to rake in no less than $1.4 billion in taxpayer backed Corona virus Aid and Associated Press analysis of data released by the federal government finds Catholic diocese parishes, schools and other ministries have received approval for at least 3500. Forgive a ble loan so far. Houses of worship and faith based organizations that promote religious beliefs are normally not eligible for money from the U. S Small Business administration. But amid the pandemic, Congress allowed faith groups and other nonprofits to access the Paycheck protection program might grow. CIA Washington Joe Biden's presidential campaign now has a senior team in place in Iowa. Sign the Democrats see Iowa as a state they can win. I'm Rita Foley. AP News CORONA VIRUS Update. I'm Rita Foley with an AP News Minute Several states are reporting record levels of Corona virus cases and the number of deaths has risen to more than 133,000 in this country. More states are setting grim Corona virus records as the outbreak continues across the nation knew positive cases had been dropping in Arizona this week, but shot Back up. We see increases across the board as governor, Doug Ducey sounded the alarm there. Florida hit 120 deaths. It's most since early May to go with its biggest 24 hour jumpin hospitalizations. The governor Rhonda Santis, is urging calm. AP correspondent Soccer Madani The U. N. Says Latin America and the Caribbean are now co vid 19 hot spots Overall, Johns Hopkins University says more than 555,000 people around the world have now died from the Corona virus. I'm Rita Foley. Thiss.

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