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Your number one fan. Even when you're karaoke goes from hitting the high note to hitting the streetlight don't stop believing. We'll get you back on your journey because it service king. You rule. Zero. Oh, you can't do that game. Federal judge is ruling that all migrant families who are separated during a government border crackdown can be included in a class action lawsuit. United States district judge Dana say broad did. Not however ordered the Justice department to track down the families. Did right? The hallmark of a civilized society is measured by how it treats its people in those within its borders that defendants may have to change course. And undertake additional effort to address these issues does not render modification of the class definition unfair. It only serves to underscore the unquestionable importance of the effort and why it is necessary. Potentially thousands of families who were separated starting in July of twenty seventeen the class action lawsuit. Forced the government to end zero tolerance policy of separating children from their parents, and led to orders from the court to begin re unifying families, and we recently told you that a couple of corporations has stepped up to now offered to cover the cost of the funerals for victims of the tornadoes that killed twenty three people in Alabama. Now, we know who that offers from the porch band of creek Indians tribe will donate one hundred eighty four thousand dollars to cover the cost. The mount is more than the tribe originally agreed to pay, but it kicked in more. After another donor who is supposed to split the cost backed out of the deal. When Lee county coroner Bill Harris, explain the situation to the tribe. They agreed to pay for all of it. I understand. There may be some part of the situation here that I don't understand. But I'm gonna ask how do you say you're going to step up and do this? And then you don't. I can't think of a scenario reason why you wouldn't if you said you were going to do it. Right. There's no reason. Yeah. That's just of course, they won't have that right now. We don't know yellow one was. And we'll find out the porch band of creek Indians, by the way, you spelled P O A R C H. Okay. As you're interested. Here we go. Living in the golden age of food innovation. Just when you think they can't possibly come up with something new. This comes along and Italian restaurant in New York called the Meatball. Shop is selling a new seven pound dish called spaghetti in Meatball spaghetti and meatballs. Just using letter. In is an abbreviation in I in spaghetti in Meatball. Okay. I'm Meatball with all of the pasta baked into it. Actually sounds good. I've always said the best part of spaghetti is the Meatball. But when you're talking about a seven pound, aren't you basically talk about Meatloaf, Meatloaf. Eat spaghetti in Meatball cost thirty five dollars one hundred fifty bucks Moore. Now, it sounds like a lot. But it's not intended to beaten by only one person. Okay. Each is sixty times the size of a normal Meatball. So six pounds feeds up to twelve people. That's not too bad. And it's only available for a limited time. So if you want one, you gotta get the New York this month. And the makers of peeps. Oh god. What what could do that piece hasn't done other than tastes good? Give you mine, which I mean would be something new give you a microwave with it. So you can play with them for the second year in a row, they're selling peop- on a perch. Excuse me sets the Easter version of elf on a shelf. Comes with an oversized peop- stuffed animal and a book explaining how it assist the Easter bunny and spies on children to make sure they behave in the lead up to Easter. Mike fine. Nice. What's he spies on you? Get it..

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