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Walk on Sunday may fifth in downtown DC on freedom plaza. Go to cure brain, tumors dot org and find everything you need to run off or volunteer for this. Inspirational event your participation in the race for hope DC will make a difference in the fight against brain tumors and gets closer to a cure registered today at your brain, tumors dot org, your brain tumor. Dot org. Hey, you are you ready? Got your pack. Gregor ten Gregor here jump in. We're going on an adventure in Arizona. There's so much to see so much to experience at G. You venture is never too far away offering over two hundred academic programs of the Christian worldview nestled in heartbe next, you can earn your degree in fewer than four years. Explore everything Zona has to offer. Find more purpose at TCU. Private Christian affordable, visit dot EDU slash easy road trip. Still putting off building that dream home. Now's the perfect time to talk with us about a mortgage loan with many options to consider. We'll find you the loan. That's right for you. Call us today. Let's get started Bank of Clarke county is an equal housing lender. Right. Member FDIC. Radio for some music. This is the kiss mix. DJ brought to you by Toyota, Glendale, sixty minutes of nonstop kiss music starts now. Got it. Thomas. Slash. Browse. Sisal shoddy wanna smash. Aced is Steve news. Bag. Tinto's now. China. Dotty? Lawrence. Jay. Me. Yeah. DJ drew on one or two point seven kiss FM. This is the kiss mix. Business. In the middle of this kiss makes a DJ drew. And in like, fifteen minutes, I'm hooking up someone with another two hundred dollar cash card and to be qualified to go on a Carnival Cruise this summer..

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