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Council's decision to mandate local employers, pay sick, leave benefits to their employees. Thank you. Mr. Jeff Moseley Charlie looks like city council may be about to reap the whirlwind that it looks like it's going to be just the beginning. And what Jeff Moseley who's the president of the Texas association of business. Predicts will be a flurry of bills introduced in the twentieth. Nineteen session which will essentially strip the San Antonio city council of its authority to do anything at all to involve itself in the relationship between employers employees, it would forbid the city council from getting involved in any sort of business cessations are mandating benefits of any sort. And the city council really has nobody to blame but themselves because when labor union and activist groups submitted petition signatures to city hall early. Earlier this year city council immediately simply approved the measure that they brought to them. Now, the city could have chosen to place that issue up on the ballot in last week's election. A lot of business groups who are ready to fight this. They said that this was a very very heavy handed poorly worded issue. It was going to cause businesses especially small family owned businesses. A lot more money in compliance costs that it was gonna cost them to actually pay sick leave benefits to their employees. Most of the Cup business owners. I talk with said we have no problem with paying sick leave benefits we see its value. The employee's deserve it, and we will start doing it. But we don't like the idea that we're going to have to if we get a single complaint after start hiring accountants and attorneys to come in the city has the right to come in here and look at our books a single complaint can lead to penalties that are very very onerous one business owner told me he was going to have to give up providing raises to us. Employees because of the cost not of the sick leave. But of the cost of compliance were just outrageous. The city could have gotten together with the labor unions, and the activist groups and come up with a compromise. But they were spooked by the three charter amendments that were on the ballot. And they were afraid that if they allowed this thing to go up for a vote that people who supported this would flock to the polls, and they would also support the charter amendment. So for that reason, they just simply approved it and business organizations are not pleased with this, and they say that there's a number of areas where members of the legislature, especially in the Republican majority will move during the upcoming session to restrict the ability not just of San Antonio city council, but of all city governments across the state to interfere with the basic operations of the employee employer relationship, and Jeff mostly says, especially now would we have a shortage of skilled workers the. The free markets working just fine. And there are plenty of benefits that are being offered to workers just simply because employers need them so badly now is not the time for San Antonio or other busybodies city governments to start sticking their nose into that relationship. So the one of the key priorities of the city government as outlined in the last couple of months in the upcoming session is to try to fight any bills that would strip local control. And it looks like that job is about to get a lot harder. All right, Jim. Thank you very much. News director, Jim Forsyth morning commentary twice each morning on San Antonio's. First news, seven ten and eight ten the stars come out tonight in Nashville, Tennessee, it's the fifty second annual CMA awards a preview coming up next. I hate.

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