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So it's it's not as but I think his his point is while taking that an individual sport, it helps to have extra motivation or some sort of personal animus to help you beat the other guy. And I remember I remember early in fetters career when you just sense that the opponent was almost satisfied losing defender. I mean, it almost didn't have suspense in the outcome. Because the opponent was resigned to losing to this. Nice guy who played beautiful tennis who I can't really get mad because he's such a cool guy. I think after the fact though, that's when that comes into play. I don't think you like I said wake up in the morning go out there. And that's what you're thinking. Like, you know. I think after the fact me look at the scoreboard, and you take a deep breath. They're not going to go, and, you know, be a sort loser. You're going to sort of calm down and go ahead and shake his hand. And kinda say all right. Well, I lost. Roger, you know, tomorrow's another day, you know, and you kind of move on. But I don't think not up mentality throughout the entire at at least. I hope not I think one thing interesting about V lender. Specially he won one fewer major than under c-. He won the the same numbers. Mcenroe one fewer than Jimmy Connors only four fewer than Bjorn Borg. I'm not sure that people see him necessarily as one of the great titans of tennis, which he is. But he had one of the great all-time great seasons. He probably cut his career a bit short of he's again, one of these thirty a new twenty. This is a guy who was was by the time. He hit thirty years old. He was done winning. But he's had a really really this is a absolute hall of fame. Mount Rushmore type of career seven majors on a variety of surfaces. You know, one all three majors did not win Wimbledon. But otherwise one three of the four majors this isn't for middle tennis career. And for whatever reason, whether it's his own humility, whether it's the fact that he didn't draw attention to himself. He's you know, he's probably my size when he's not a towering physical presence played at the same time as McEnroe who took a lot of the oxygen out of the room. I I'm not sure history is quite given him his do as a as a player if I told you year ago, John McEnroe in Matfield under each one seven majors. I don't think that's fair. Do you think that that? We talk about fetter adult Jovic. Do you think I have one player in mind? But do you think there's a player that is suffering from the same sort of affect maybe as he is? I mean, I always had a theory that players marketed themselves in tennis after their retirement. So Yvonne Lindow goes away for years and years. We later learned that that may have been tied to to a lawsuit. But you know, Pete Sampras not interested in coaching being a commentator being much of a presence. And I wonder if that doesn't undercut his achievements. Conversely, John McEnroe is absolutely everywhere. And maybe his same Charles Barkley in the NBA players define their careers, some ways after they retire, and John McEnroe's absolute ubiquitous presence, probably gives him more stature. Yeah. There's a reason to effect. Yeah. Exactly. Yes. Graph. Same way out ears. Oh, I'm curious. No. That's what I was going to say in that example. But I'm thinking with with Matt's. You mentioned Borg. Is there something that happens like down the road of Everett? Go wins more majors, and suddenly he's close to double digits. Does he have a so countryman?.

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