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She's lovely. She's fantastic Ford. But NASA then with the day. Okay. Is it for mother's day that you're trying to make a reservation? Yeah. The big day day. And so it's originally I told the nessa eight people eleven fifteen prime time baby that you know, whatever you wanna do you wanna cut a couple of people out? That's fine. I don't care. I have to add people because Adam geishas asked me if he can go he's the jets head coach. Have you heard him gaze of the franchise? I'm sorry. What Adam gays? He's the New York Jets head football coach good friend of mine because I work for SPN. And he just text me that he and his wife might wanna go. So. And I put you on hold for one second. You're the best. Thank you. I'm concerned that someone relate to her the messiahs coming. Oh, I should have sent the war Haley. How can I help you? Oh, wow. This is I was waiting. I was on hold with the manager. And the general manager the GM that this is this is. Say listen, I'll be short. I'll be sweet did us. It was great your manager. Even better. How many people you get right to it? Don't you? I can either do it or not it's mother's day. There's people in booked up for like a month and a half. No. I understand that. I made a mistake. That's what I'm hoping you guys could bail me out of a long time customer the restaurant. That's all about how many people's lives. It started his aid. I could bring as many as ten or as few as six it's up to you. But I just I need to table at eleven fifteen care that and fifteen. I'm completely booked. Only thing I can do is nine thirty in the morning. Here's what I'm asking. You like anyone else on your reservation sheet? They have the ability to give you free promotion like I do because that's what I'm offering to do. I'm trying to give you free promotion. That's it. It's free. It's free. I have a few people have been on the weightless. If it wasn't raining. I would say yes, I could do it. But it's supposed to rain on Sunday. And I can't just point people who've already made reservations. I know, but I'm bringing more messy. No, one else says the messiah I mean, I'm bringing SEA of a Mark messy is going to be a restaurant a mother's day. What's better than that? Legendary AA. I know and listen I'm going to be there and Howard Stern eleven o'clock. All right. So let's be ten o'clock. That'd be latest. I can do and six people's the most with his mom. I mean about that who is your favorite athlete volt on. That's us too. Quick answer the other cats and with my favorite, listen. I can't no this is lucky day, bow to be one of my best friend. You know, what Bono's Bono's tend to you cook shop if I bring Bo Jackson and on Sunday..

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