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Yep i don't recommend the installation of remote starts in the aftermarket a lot of people do i'm not one to do so i have seen over the years when remote stars are added that usually within a year to two after a remote start is added a problem with the starter can arise not all the time but a lot of times so i think that could be also helpful hint your culprit so now that you've told me that i'm really stating the fact that i think it is a starter going up okay dave okay for your health thank you mike labor from the shine shop michael good morning sir good morning dave how are you i'm doing well sir are you out and about or you in seventy two degrees about it about but i am offering seventy two degrees you're in the iron rooster very good so you're a hunt valley horsepower event at the hunt valley towne centre temperatures probably wasn't the high thirties oh yeah probably thirty maybe forty if we're lucky and there's about two hundred fifty cars here already unbelievable i i wasn't sure what that two hundred and fifty men i thought that meant amount of cars that's incredible man i'm telling you i tell people down here in florida that you guys you guys meaning two hundred and fifty of you appear at a car event in thirty degree weather no way yup it's amazing well that's great i'm glad things are going wealth for will and everybody in hunt valley horsepower if you've never been to the hunt valley horsepower event i recommend it highly it's held every saturday morning rain or shine eight to ten at the hunt valley.

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