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I used to watch home improvement center. Troy would tim. Tim allen from detroit. Yeah it was good. Show our show. What was the name of the show that he did on the show. He was means who time. Well i rob you. You mentioned it. With antonio daniels in our last segment but you think the troy. You can't get cute with this. I mean everybody says kei cunningham is the guy just taking and you like him to. I mean i mean you mean in detroit. They like him too. It's not like they will think he can play. But if you try to get cute jailing jalen. Green looked awesome in an Workout we're taking him. He better workout and he'd be a superstar because if even if he's good mckay cunningham is this super who gives killed for this. Yes chris i i just think the pistons with where they have been you remember you covered the nba. In detroit was a destination you know like every year to eastern conference finals. They had larry brown. They had great. You know not star players but but players that you care about and who good you know what i mean. It was the there was a reason to follow that team. There was something and it's been a long way. And i just think in this situation can't be cute. Just take you know. We have a saying in the press box just riding chris. You know when it's a story that's obvious time just ride. Try to get old traffic. Don't over think it you. You'll not get killed if you take cade cunningham chris and workout. I'm serious you will not get don't it. Yup yup and we know the big thing about detroit is in two thousand three two excellent draft. Lebron james dwayne wade chris bosh carmelo anthony and everybody thought mellow was the second. Pick and the pistons dig q. And took darko milicic. Who was ballyhoo. And he was going to be a great player. How you're right..

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