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Boxing with Chris Manning. Now somebody punch him in the face. Anthony Joshua is a composed and ferocious finisher. Watch this. Hosted by SI's Chris mannix. That was my moment. Now with interviews, analysis and everything going on in the world of boxing. When you have talent, you are given another chance. Here's Chris mannix. Welcome back to another boxing with Chris mannix, as always, you can listen to the show live on the amp app just follow Chris mannix on amp. And we are back. The last podcast before the Christmas holiday, happy holidays, everybody. Some of you celebrating Hanukkah. Some of you about to celebrate Christmas, some of you celebrating Festivus maybe. I'm a big festive fan. Myself, whatever it is that you're celebrating. I hope you're enjoying it. We've got a lot to get to on this podcast. A lot happening now as we get closer to the end of the year and into 2023 to discuss all that, I'm gonna bring in my friend Dan rayfield, longtime boxing reporter, commentator. Now the author of fight freaks unite on substack. You can subscribe to that page, also follow Dan on Twitter at Dan Rafael one. What's happening, Dan? How are you doing? I'm doing very good. I want to know, is this episode of your podcast since its fastest? Are we going to do an airing of our grievances? I get a lot of grievances. Especially with boxing, I got to let that, it's actually not a bad column, the airing of the grievances. I think that would piss a lot of people off, but that's not a bad idea for a column. We're worried about pissing people off. No, no, not so much, not so much, although I just, yes, the number of text message I get nowadays from pissed off people a little higher than I'd like at the moment. But it's neither here nor there. Dan, before we get into the topics this week, and we're going to talk about the mess in the 140 pound division. We're going to talk about a few other things. Frank, including Frank Martin, who looked great last weekend. Steve smoger, someone you know well, I know well, he passed away this week. Long time boxing referee boxing Hall of Famer inducted in 2015. I knew Steve a little bit as a referee.

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