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A lot of people in government worked in government da's etc people like me from a small firm less less of them but there are there are becoming more and more as we have a more diverse bench as the years go by and i felt reborn in a way tom i felt as though i was starting a whole new career at a middle aged and really at this point still remain very disaster about both being a judge and having the honor to be the president of california judges association this year you're going to have to tell us a little bit about the california judges association what what's that all about so it's a voluntary association of judicial officer throughout the state judges and commissioners retired and sitting with a huge number of retired members which i think is a tributary organization even though you've retired from the bench you still want to be part of what the judicial branch is doing what's going on with the judges and commissioners we throw to conferences a year amid year an annual meeting a few hundred people show up and we're all together it's all about educate asian and exchanging ideas california's such a big diverse state and i've been trying to travel around you know it's one thing to sit in the superior court the largest superior court in the country and then travel next week i'm going up to mendocino i think they have six judges i was just in el centro they have eight there courts up north that have two and compare that to l a which has five hundred fifty so it's a it's a very very diverse state in california judges association house to serve all all of their interests so we we advocate for the judicial for the judicial officers of the state in both sacramento and other areas that might come up this program is heard around the country and we're talking about california's judicial system how does what we're talking about today apply to those who are listening perhaps on the east coast or in other states around the country.

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