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Be one of the 1st 1000 callers. Take it seriously. This stuff flies out the door in the big radio stations Be one of the 1st 1000 callers. Who could you be 12 any females and you're ever strong. You just pay 6 95 shipping. We want to get it right out to you. We want you to try this out. We want you to be the judge for yourself. Don't take my word for it. Try it. Look in the mirror. Go to the gym, lift some weights Play. Do whatever you do, see if you don't feel better. All right, Let's talk about how you take this. You have these easy to swallow tablets, which are super easy to swallow. It also comes in a very refreshing cherry berry powder. So So how do you like to take you to get people just choose the tablets or the powder when they calling for the free bottle today? Yeah, yeah. You confuse tablets or powder I personally use both, you know, on my work at these are days of making a protein shake on days. I'm juicing. Let's face it. Juicing has become a very big these days. So if you're doing something like that to cherry berry powder, so fantastic it just take a scoop. Dump it right into your juice. Dump it into your protein shake, and that's a great way to take it. But if you don't do that stuff, I mean the tablets or super convenient. They're small. They're coded. They're easy to swallow. It's wonderful stuff. Now I know you're chomping at the bit to tell us a little more about the study that purity did on the ever strong powder. They tested golfers and purity found out that not only with these golfers getting stronger and more explosive But they were driving the golf ball. Get this 14 yards further. That's amazing. I have such a big smile on my face. Right now. I'm remembering when the researchers came back and gave us this information. I mean, we were bouncing off the walls. This is so exciting. The researchers call this Seminal study in sports nutrition, and this is on our ever strong formula. The product we're talking about right now..

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