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Through I can go home now. They know on black on black now. And so. On the air. One day. I was just remembering this conversation. I had with these two women, these two petite older black women. Gray hair quaffed. One had a single strand of pearls. They, both had a touch of makeup. And one of them took me by each hand, and she pulled me close in the other leaned, and so she could hear. And, she said to me we are so proud of you. And, I got a lump in my throat. And I knew what they meant. There looking at me. This young. Black woman, making her mark on this big radio station in Saint Louis. But I'm looking at them. They have seen and experienced more than I will ever see or experience or half to see or experience. I'm looking at history. And its face and I can feel it. One day we're in this debate on the air. We were talking about was controversy. An organization one of many. Decided to walk out onto the highway. Not a road, but the interstate. And stopped the traffic and shut it down. They were protesting the lack of minority jobs in construction. and. One of the organizations that was involved was one I knew of from the time I lived in Kansas City Missouri, but my co host at the time had never heard of them, and so he was truly dismissive. And I was truly frustrated. And I'm thinking, this is a movement moment. This is a moment where you either educate. Or chastise or enlighten. Think do all three. But, I am also thinking. And I am also worried. I'm still new here. I'm still young I'm I'm a woman? I'm black and I'm pregnant. And I'm worried about the stereotype of the angry black woman, and and yet I'm also worried that I. don't speak up enough about black issues. I'm thinking all this. And dive right in. And I, said to him. You know they're in the yellow pages. You can look them up right now and call them. They've been around for fifty years. And so we took some calls and we ended that conversation. Turn the Mike off and left the studio. Now just a few weeks ago. Gentlemen came to our house, Russia service call to repair the windshield of my car. It's right in there in the driveway I met him outside. And he said to me I have a friend who lives over here and he told me that that news lady. Lives over here. Do.

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