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I mean those are all things up. I think there is some sort of like weird eight. Oh Two dot standard around this stuff anyway anyway it's there. I all certain it's there to support. This like tag. Competitor tile competitor called Tag. It didn't show up so that's like to right diffusion. I think was supposed goes to be the big feature of the camera the teased it later. They're not gonNA tease a hardware product. They already did that with airpower. We know how that went. They've learned that lesson. They're going to wait for it to be done and ready but I think this chip is there to spend my support that thing and then whatever other races why do you think they didn't ship a reverse wireless wireless charging from the phone to like Air Pods 'cause. I don't think anybody cares yeah. That's her right like I. I don't know like it doesn't occur to me that I wanna WanNa do that ever it's real cute in the Samsung out and watching the Samsung out. It's like yeah but I'm how often am I anna coffee shop and someone has the exact same phone conus me but there have is a little more often with iphone. Yeah and I think it'd be cool. We're just traveling. Ub Cool Financial Watch charger around just like put my watching the phone in charge but like I think that's why they didn't include it because the Apple Watch us is slightly different charging than standard. You know whatever they use for everything else and and so they they couldn't figure out how to get on the phone. You think if I like it's a wacky conspiracy theory but that's that's why wacky conspiracy theory well so the good news is they make all of those products so they could probably make that change speaking to watch. We should take a break. Come back talk about the watch the IPAD. We're going to review them. It's going to happen. I will tell you right now. I think most people by Knife and eleven but we're going to put that to the test so stay tuned for that stuff. Okay we're break. We're and talk about the Apple Watch and the IPAD averge cast is brought to you by urban ex right now. A majority of people live in cities and that trend is intensifying sixty years ago just two cities. He's had a population greater than ten million but five years from now they'll likely be more than thirty. The challenges facing urban populations are only harder. It's pastime to start developing good public policy. An innovative innovative solutions acquired by sustainable urban.

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