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Residents. But while the support is there, it'll be on prince George's county to find another $2 million to make this pilot program a reality. County executive Angela also Brooks. Our budget situation is we've been very transparent about and we have to do what we can afford. John dome in WTO. He news. The newest potential bidder for the Washington commanders is a Canadian billionaire. Steve apostolopoulos is a Toronto native who is the managing partner of, a Toronto based commercial real estate firm. He is also cofounder of a privately owned real estate investment firm. There are numerous published reports that apostolopoulos toward the Washington commander's facility recently. Apostolopoulos father Andreas, who died in 2021, made his fortune in real estate and his fire sale purchase of the silverdome former home of the Detroit Lions made international headlines in 2009. A rocket made almost entirely of 3D printed parts has finally taken flight, but that flight didn't last long. The second stage failed three minutes after liftoff from Florida late yesterday in the rocket did not reach orbit relativity spaces 110 foot rocket carried nothing on board except the company's first metal 3D print from 6 years ago, the company says 3D printed metal parts made up about 85% of the rocket and in the future larger versions of the rocket will have even more. Coming up after traffic and weather, how much confidence do you have in banks nowadays? It's 5 O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $59. Michael. Traffic and weather on the 8s let's go to Jack Taylor in the traffic center. All right, let's start things off in Virginia. If you're going 95 headed northbound just out of triangle, crash got moved over very quickly onto the right shoulder, it's not causing a delay just be aware it's there. It's some flashing lights off on the shoulder. It is otherwise been delayed free from Fredericksburg through woodbridge, headed up into Springfield. No early issues on three 95 yet from the beltway north up toward the 14th street bridge. You're looking good on the beltway itself between Alexandria and mcclain. You will find our ongoing work in Leesburg. It's the overnight utility work blocking business route 7 between business 15 and Edward's ferry road also Edwards ferry roads closed between east market and Harrison street. All these scheduled closures lift at 7 o'clock this morning. All right, you're looking good in Maryland. No early issues coming out of Frederick, running two 70 south, heading toward the lane divide, trouble at a Laurel. We've got downed wires blocking Brock bridge road, north of whisky bottom road. You'll find yourself rerouted in the area and good news about four hours ago that long-term work that we've had all week at the severn river bridge, 50 west, all your travel lanes are open, as of about one 30 this morning, Cruz finished, the bridge work that they needed to do, blocking that right lane. Well, we've got all three lanes back on the westbound 7 river bridge this morning. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic. Now, to storm team four meteorologist, Mike. We are going to see some showers this morning. They'll be out here fairly quickly later today, partly to most of cloudy skies, windy

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