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Very dirty alphabet bob. Saggy hurry dirty alphabet. I need to have a children's book. No well She didn't have a baby on her own. I agree. He doesn't take accountability for that at all. It's kind of like why didn't sign up to be a dad so fast. Okay well then. Why were you doing the stuff. Yeah we're dad right. It's like a. But also i think he's really happy and i'm very i think he's very happy to be a father i just. He's overwhelmed short while he wanted to sleep in her own bed. And they're going to new orleans to go crib shopping. Because i really think there's nothing around them where they live. I think they live in a would craze like literally in the way they live in skin. Oh boy so. He's annoyed that he won't pay six hundred and fifty dollars for a crib. I don't know what the going rate is okay. Well the thing is. I don't have kids but i'm also the perfect mom. I know you are go on. Facebook marketplace go on facebook marketplace. Yeah when i have my imaginary baby yeah. I'm getting a second hand crib. You of course why wouldn't you. I'm paying also get a solid wood. One hand Yeah i think it's a plastic seven hundred dollars. But i'm also not going. I want everything really simple with me. Baby no i totally agree with you. I don't know if my it'll be real or imaginary by. I know that i want secondhand to. It's such a waste of money. It's such a the and everyone is selling a crib. Everyone in this whole world is selling a crab you're right everyone is. Everyone is selling baby stuff in general p by giving away baby stuff. It's true every time. I post all the time like alerts. And it's like an entire wardrobe for a six-month-old. Please pick up right now. I would one hundred percent do that though. Yeah why do you have the buy everything new. I don't know so you're on that much of a budge. Yeah okay well. He wants to take a trip solo. He wants to go on alexis by the way. Yeah we're realize wants to old your back. He said. I think that he doesn't have enough empathy for like the things that you are going through. But i just think he also doesn't understand it. And i think that maybe she doesn't communicate at all that walsum either it comes off as controlling instead of. Hey i'm freaking out. Or i don't know what to do yes. Yeah they're not communicating well now At all and he's a little bit childish for sure. He's immature he is. He's not a bad person no i like him. I think misquoted understands her more. I think miss understands them both and she's great to have around. I like her me to. They're driving two hours new orleans and let me tell ya. Yeah that's a long trip. That's a huge trip. While if you're listening to this show. I think it's safe to say that..

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