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Baker of corona beer I'm a little worried about my name here corona virus one of the can make people afraid to drink the beer because people think they get the virus from drinking Harambee think of that remember when the aids virus became very you know huge axe road there was a product I forget what it was called it was called aids yeah there's a product for go to well I don't know who's in and asked later and aids no no no some country I will look it was a diet candy that you choose I was at it yeah that auklet candy that follow up with suppressed your appetite all right I remember that and then it was sick it was a white away when yeah it was gone within six months yeah Jeez I wonder if corona can hang on well I don't think people are going to it does appear that it's better well that's true on a beach you know you to full beach with lime and that now that a lot well this corona virus now when there was a little fear that they thought somebody in the New Jersey has had it but I said no it's not corona virus correct there was somebody in Washington who has a question stated asking this one in taxes this might be three cases in the US right but in China now they've got travel limits are covering thirty five nine now in China thirty five million peoples like two people they give a billion people there so thirty five million items in the black box pretty much anyway so in Wu Wuhan this is where the outbreak is correct twenty six people I believe are there any success and number seen some of the videos of people they have videos of people just seem to fall in the street like a zombie well they found like ground zero of where this is from the some market yes was a cell all kinds of exotic animals either way looting and there's a video to which we try to get Anthony to put up on our website if you well with us if he's awake there's they eat bats in China there's a video of a link back people just if them bats soup there's a woman she's having that back crazy well there's a back in the soup and some guys in Chinese the same make sure you eat the meat on the back that's the tender is part of the battle sure but is a bad with wings coming out of her soup is alive no it's okay fine but anyway this is an exotic food market where you get I don't know like kangaroo liver or something like that to eat if you want tasty stuff and it did not take you right you know this is like when this is like this movie I saw with Gwyneth Paltrow several years ago called contagion and she is at a restaurant she's an American woman she's over sees you in China for business she said a rest from other Chinese colleagues and they're eating some exotic food and I think it comes from the pork belly of the pork liver she gets this virus beyond just affair with the guy he gets sick she comes home she gets a kids sick she dies the kids die after died yes she dies and then they they trumpet killer off with a killer often like twenty minutes in the movie that's that was here and then started yes and then they took her face off they show the audience what I have seen the autopsy where they have to take her face on her face off yeah so the good side of brain to seems like there's a real good movie of the summer it was it was scary but everything that this movie says this was going to happen is happening in China now you're getting this disease apparently from exotic food people are just getting sick falling down dead in the street twenty six of them so it's not something to be minimized apparently eight hundred people have felt affects of this thing the good news is those who have shown symptoms in America they're in good condition that they they're not as the you know doesn't instantly because we have a doctor coming up at the top of the the nine o'clock hour mark see under mark Siegel is an expert on all this and and we'll get his take but it is scary I mean it reminds people of the sars thing and and and also aids I remember I was a kid when aids came on the scene but I remember reading in discovery magazine science magazine out is the first time I ever read about aids and I remember thinking if you're the first people to know that the start of the gay community but there's a lot of talk at you could spread beyond that and it was just this kind of chilling sense of what this thing was working out there that could affect you and then people were getting it for blood transfusion all sure Arthur Ashe Arthur Ashe passed away from you know this thing about the China you know now they've people can't travel right I mean to Mars the lunar new year I know and Chinese tradition as you go home you know everyone travels all over China absolutely and now all these millions and millions of people can travel I heard they actually shut down the forbidden city starting tomorrow in Beijing which is one of the biggest directions in China you've been to Beijing and I have not I did not feel I'm not cover I actually did a program here in the states I did not go to the Beijing Olympics but the the forbidden city of angels fame I've never been have you been to China I had never been in the Q. measure if you're American tourist in China right now in this thing is on my god this has to affect the tourist business I would assume I'm not with my daughter I I did any plans go trying to but if I did I would think twice about going out with this virus breaking up there tell me more about this lady eating the bat about I was just as fast as you said we have the video well the Chinese they get a lady peculiar things they do and why would they do and it's a visual sub so so many people and so few food I mean what I don't know did you guys see the market it's closed off it's like a stall for horses a corral really but there's animals in cages in there and I mean there is like an armadillo there was a monkey waiting to be eaten yeah and these are all the foods that this are these are all the things that Chinese and they all live in this one container a frightening wow very frightening well you saw the woman eating the bat and it looks like it looks like the soup was inside the bat and you she was eating this two bottle back and then the guy says to were eat eat the bat yeah EDL hold back yeah the because the skin on the back of the bats back is very tender but it looks like chicken noodle soup it looks yellow brought and then there's this black bat on the the show to pleasure island yeah well it says here that they're cold wet markets right and that's where sars also started from a wet market but I'm reading here is this people and live in dead animals all come in contact they've dog sheds big stakes yep what's the civic C. I. V. ET said that it's it's I think it's a cat isn't it yeah it's a it is a cat it's from wildcat yeah the Wildcats crazy stuff as are we all right let's get the news out seven thirty from Joel Bartlett good morning Joe Michael the Democrats may have made a major blunder at the Senate impeachment trial how happy are you during opening statements yesterday Sylvia Garcia trying to defend Joe Biden amid the bow resume the allegation the allegations against vice president Biden Biden's are groundless the White House legal team now says that has opened the door on bite in making the issue relevant for the rest of the trial and nonsense just because I say it doesn't mean it's true well she said this groundless so maybe it's not yeah maybe it is possible land that president trump's lawyers could spend their time exploring the relationship between the bidens and that Ukrainian company because after all that's at the heart right of this of struck and use of power and we've structured of Congress got to get to the bottom of this got to get to the bottom of the hunter Biden has first hand knowledge of the president's abuse of power and obstruction of Congress yeah he's relevant but let me give you another one today land go for foreign and you enjoy yourself hello this is a great to have foreign intelligence and that money sound forgive me started of foreign intelligence surveillance court declassified or an order yesterday and it found that two sisal warrants aimed at former trump campaign aide Carter page were invalid I saw that yeah why nobody's talking about it here we don't the court found the justice department did not have probable cause to believe page was acting as an agent of a foreign power in this case Russia and of course we all know what that led to don't wait Muller report lot of obstruction of a justice good story their journey well what else you got show actress Annabella the mummy and on and on unless let's get to the Senate bill if your a a testimony at the Harvey Weinstein trial I mean she says in the nineties wants to enforce his way into our apartment Peter down to rape her pretty graphic a testimony although she says she never called police and that that was a point hammered on by the defense their loss is going to be with health emergency official today to come up with a plan to deal with a deadly coronavirus should make it here to New York at least twenty six people dead in China their concern here is that the virus could be carried by those flying into the country there is already screening underway at Kennedy airport lawmakers also pushing that same sort of a screening in Newark China temporarily shutting down all seventy thousand of its movie theaters wow to try and contain the spread of this the man that really concerned about this obviously so all movie theaters are closed and it comes ahead of the Chinese New Year when the studios release big films his killed more than two dozen and the second eight hundred in China but millions are under quarantine order right now can't leave their cities are used brought to today by national realty learn the insider method of obtaining eighteen to twenty one percent target returns on prime building locations finally here later this morning he lie manning will say goodbye we'll speak to reporters at eleven AM announcing his retirement after sixteen seasons and two Superbowl MVPs with the giants Tom Coughlin coached some of those teams and he says he lie manning was always good in the big spot Hey this is one of the quotes an item with all the time be at your best when your best as needed there.

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