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Accuweather calling for a warm and humid overnight with a low of seventy two in the city sixty s in many suburbs it's going to be warm or hot and humid for days good evening i'm paul james wins news time at the tony levin thirty sources tell ten ten wins the nypd is reviewing smartphone video taken moments after the sandra goose release was stabbed in the bronx it shows people trying to help but also shows to police officers standing nearby not helping the nypd is reviewing the actions of two of its officers on the night la sandra guzman police was fatally stabbed outside of bronx bodega sell video recovered by detective shows folks tried to stop the bleeding with napkins but to responding officers can also be seen in the video standing nearby but not providing aid a police source wanted to make it clear the officers are not the subject of an internal affairs investigation and that so far it appears the officers acted properly actions are also under review al jones ten ten wins in belmont the bronx wins news time ten thirty one eleven thirty one eleven thirty one from the ramtruck traffic center here's rebecca here's what we see on long island's big three westbound on the east light slowdowns from the survey torture it's one zero six seven but once you get through nassau into queens you're moving pretty well no issues on the northern state or the southern state parkway accident on the westbound approaching tillery street that's taking out the right lane sing a fifteen minute delay there and that crash on the still out there heading eastbound this is approaching the grand central but now the delays are just back towards queens boulevard here's what you need to know about the bridges and the tunnels you've got construction i at the outer bridge new jersey bound one lane blocked till five and then the gotha bridgestone island bound left lane is closed until for the bay bridge that's closed in both directions until five at the george heading inbound the lower level completely closed for construction that's going on till four am and then heading outbound the upper level two right lanes closed until five am traffic and transit every ten minutes on the one's and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen i'm rebecca is arrows on ten ten wins news time eleven thirty two the official ten ten wins accuweather four day forecast here's.

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