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Audio up here and I think that gets us all on guys me. Go ahead and a welcome you in right. So Greg who's got your vote. Who would your top three. Be Out of this list for how. Let's ease into this date. Let's not just jump right into bed. Daniel I mean holy crap. Wow we I mean I guess we know how you watch All right so closing out. The first hour I spoke with the host of the pitmasters podcast Anthony Luhan and Rusty Monson who both competed in an sea event in their home state of Utah. Just your summary Thoughts here. Are you guys surprise that there was a competition and are what are your thoughts on having that stuff start to potentially roll out across the country? Your thoughts on that. Wow What I want to sit at a judge's table not quite knowing how that food was treated before it arrived to me. I I don't know I mean I guess You know these days the the big argument here in Texas is Not THAT WE HAVE. A lot of our dining rooms opened up. Are you willing to go eat inside restaurant or you willing to go sit inside a dining room and get your food and a lot of people are a little wary about that for for health purposes but You know the other part of that is like if we're okay getting takeout That's still a lot of trust that putting in the kitchen. I guess that's the same level of trust you'd have to be putting into a Janney food that shows up at a judge's table Except the problem is if you're a restaurant you know who served to you if you're at the Judges Table Not so much ray. Your thoughts on competition starting to roll out in some form. The point where I mean. It's like everything else. I you know I had this conversation with my neighbor today. Everybody's gotTa do what they think is right right now. You Know I. I'm doing what I think is right and everybody else needs to do the same thing and God bless him. I hope we're all right. You know nobody's wrong on these decisions but I you know. I'M NOT GONNA Judge Anybody. Right now and I hope they don't judge me. Adrian your thoughts on competitions rolling out as long as they can do it safely. I'm open to the idea but like Ray. I'm I'm a little skeptical but if they can be safe do it. All Right. We are here talking with. And and by the way we do have Adrian back up and running here. So let's we have Adrienne Miller Daniel von Ray lampy joining me here on the show. We're here to talk about the nine semi finalists on the Twenty Twenty Barbecue Hall of fame ballot before we start to break down the names and their significance of the live fire industry. I don't want to just assume that everybody knows who you guys are as I gain new listeners. All the time and I just don't assume we all love to think everybody knows of course but can we take just a brief second. Get a little background on each of you guys. How long you've been on the Committee for the Barbecue Hall of fame and perhaps more importantly what you feel. You are bringing to that committee table. In regards to knowledge qualification. And all this stuff so Adrian. Let's start with right. I'm Adrienne Miller call myself. Soul food scholar. My tagline is dropping knowledge like hot biscuits so I was born and raised in Denver Colorado which loses me all street cred on the subject of Barbecue but Written a book on the history soul food black the White House and now I'm writing a book on the history of African American Barbecue. Should be out in a year from now and being barbecue joints all around the country. It's tradition I grew up in I've on the committee for this is about a year now. This is my second time going through the voting and one of the things that I'm really interested is just a a making sure that we have a diverse inclusive Barbecue all fame. That celebrates excellence as well. Daniel von your qualifications in quick background while it's a big on right there Well this is an industry that I've studied since long before I even became barbecue editor So as far as studying the names in the in the competition world Certainly more familiar with the restaurants for world as well as the historical figures So I feel like I'm Well rounded in. I guess knowledge of all those different industries You know and really when it comes down to it. We're all in a big committee here and I'm feel like I'm pretty good at arguing as well. And that's that's half the fun Ray lampy. Who are you just showed up here? I mean I'm pretty. Well known I think my my background in the barbecue competition world but you know along with that came a obsession with barbecue which covers so many things so I I accidentally became a pretty well. Schooled historian on my own Like I said people thinking me as the competition guy but I wrote a book Barbecue Road trip in two thousand four and you know so. I've been studying this thing from all sides for a long time. I'm the new guy on the committee in quite an honor to be included with these guys are like I said I myself was a cook but And I think these guys are the guys who are writing and doing all the research and stuff and it's kind of fun to be included with him. Do you think it is important for you know if it wasn't you if it was somebody of your ilk to be in this committee so it's not just a bunch of guys that are well versed on the history and the culture but somebody who has also been on the cooking not saying these guys don't Cook but you know I'm you know from a competition side who knew who are seeing it from a different perspective. Well I think the other guys comment on it but I think there were people on the list that I was more familiar with than the other. Panelists just because I've lived in that world. Maybe more of us you know Adrian said diversity. And I'm a huge proponent of that I I've been a little bit involved with the barbecue all fame since inception Mike Tucker and Ray. Basso good friends of mine when they started it and I've always felt diversity was the what was going to make it viable and I mean black people white people fat ones skinny ones Texans and Carolinians and men and women and you name it I mean every every single possible angle diversity needed to happen and liquid pretty good job so I hopefully. I bring a little bit of that to the table to Daniel. Be The the FAT White Guy so. I'm not perfect and may diverse classes but but I sure do like a lot of diverse folks. Dan Did you think it's good to have somebody of of Race standing on that committee to to bring his point of view. Well I mean absolutely I was GonNa stop you before and say It's sounds like saying raise not cultured which I'd have to argue with That was actually really refreshing to a raise input You know we had. We've got lots of folks here On the list who who are from the restaurant side which I am well versed in But a lot of folks from the competition side that maybe I wasn't as well versed in I mean I'll say right now that Bill Arnold wouldn't be on the list without Raise input really filling us in on his imports. Not Somebody who is incredibly well known from You know stacking all the wins and grand championships competitions. Like you know tuffy stone. Who's already in the hall of fame and Darren Worth us on the list here You know it was somebody who had a real contribution to competition barbecue that Maybe isn't as obvious as putting big trophies up there and and really I think without raising input I think we none of us would have been as well educated on On really what he brought to the game Adrian your thoughts on having a guy like ray on the panel this time. Yeah I'm just GonNa Echo Daniel Kazaa. I didn't know a lot. A lot about the competition. Finalists or the nomination. So Ray was very helpful in kind of sorting that out so Yeah I'm glad to have him in the mix so let's talk a little. Let me say I want to say Greg. I want to say something about that. I I am happy to carry the torch for the competition. Guys I asked the beginning of the meeting if that was my position there But I can tell you and I hope these guys will back me up. I I question the competition guys too. When we talk about diversity I also WanNa see a diverse career for these hall of fame guys and just wanted a bunch of trophies. Cut It for me. You know it. It's going to be an important part but you gotta do some other stuff all right So let's talk about the hall of fame here just for a second and its history for a bit and you might find it hard to believe guys but there are some folks out there who have no idea that there was a barbecue hall of fame that it even exists. Can't believe even if there's no physical place. They didn't even know that there was a barbecue hall of fame. So Ray you alluded to it a couple of minutes ago but and you probably know more about the history of the Barbecue Hall of fame prior to the American royal getting. Its hands on it. So the best bessie recollection. How was it born? And how and who were the folks that originally installed this? Yeah Well Ray. Basso who had the original? Bbq Forum starts in. I think ninety five and back in the day there was nowhere else to hang out. We didn't have facebook and all that and so a lot of barbecue. Guys were were made friends there and Mike. Tucker from hog is barbecue up in Right outside the MOINA. Anthony Iowa Mike was always a big proponent. Mike would always fund these these crazy projects so they bought Whatever that website that they use is and they started to barbecue hall of Fame Online and those are now known as the legacy candidates early legacy members when they sold it or was a transaction that they gave it to the the American royal and the intention was to take it to the next level I don't know why the American royal always considered those members different than everybody else but they do and that's what that's all about But it's it's been a good thing I you know it. We started way too late man. This thing needed to start fifty years ago and I think we're getting there but when you look at that list there's just so many people that do belong into Barbecue Hall of fame and it's GonNa take a while to get caught up. That's what I what I think. We just started way too late Adrian. We have been some of the. We've seen some of the biggest evolutions Of the hall sense. It has transitioned from the online entity. That ray was talking about to the American royal taking over. What do you think some of the biggest changes that you've seen over that timeframe are so just getting it started enrolling has been good I do quibble though about the diversity. I don't think we have enough especially African. Americans represented in our Barbecue Hall of fame. Which is one reason why I got involved but I think that it's starting to show a nice spread of diverse styles in different genres within barbecue..

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