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The end of the movie it doesn't add up at all i like the acting in this in the action sequences are okay but it it it's a pale imitation of much better heist movie so were over two so far dosages of vanity thing where they could make a really good ninetyminute movie but the direct nobody's tell director listen youths if he out this down it's gonna be great it right now and may tanya in iraq a lot of the sec love the superior movies and a lot of two as if they're gonna spend that much money shooting it they don't want it to sit in the deleted seems dvd package only wanted they wanted to be on the screen and russia rush on movie as possible in this case i dunno because it to me the studio should have had the control to say to the director like you know we're going to take we're gonna take this and if we i think if they trim twenty minutes from you got it right when it should be kicking into gear for the final highest it just goes on and on and on and then you know characters were smart throughout most of the movie have to do something so daughter in order for the plot to continue so you fire seventy at is gonna get you know you talk back to the screen normally i do not advocate that like dunk now why they're trapped uh i read hang on your own when we come back we're going to do the third movie via three threeday modern dad right is the the last year the was good nicholas cage is new moving our doesn't bode well to hit has covered up and we have some breaking news about tom petty as well the let's check in with duty pilic right now to see what's coming up in her news at the bottom of the hour yes that's right we do have the official cause of death for tom petty that'll be coming up at the wgn news and now some traffic for you guys coming in on the eisenhower still pretty heavy at fifty eight minutes thorndale to the old post office 45 minutes back out and then on the stevenson that's heavy but recovering inbound sides fifty minutes o'hare to downtown thirty nine minutes on the outbound trip if you want traffic on the sevens or eighths or any time ondemand get the traffic chicago app it's a for by team hochberg apirl mortgage all you have to do a search t r a.

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