Peter, Secretary, Guinea discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Special Report: CinemAbility (2013)


Peter fairly uh michelle said in our shomar because so to me but it's just something missing because it's not like real life because we go to the movie it or you go shopping shopping center you somebody or as a dog or you know now you're likely to see someone who have the capability somewhere because it's part of this minority group it's one fifth of the population right so chances are you may not have anybody in your family your your circle friend but you know if you start paying attention you'll you'll notice other people i have to thank you because i never really thought about the shirley brothers and the church at the represent unscreened until i saw cinema bility and just to think of oh yeah there was a character with crutches or there was a developmentally delayed person there were conjoined twins and just to think of all of those films and just how many differently abel people there are in the movies well not only that they have some into the secretary in the background or just me and the thing is art he looked thrashed were like uh they're making fun of a but the treated fairly brother in their friend danny murphy uh or cheating it's and they went dieting off the fear in guinea actually got one of the brothers and thought their wanna go first go first and broken back guinea became a good friend of ours and was really one of the main regions literally started because when i started thinking about doing it he said well why don't you talk to my buddy the fairly base the paper gave me from blur clutch we don't think when they come out and then i had pressure but i had to do their bit of the cat over and do with huge he became an actor and and the guy goes put them in every one of their films.

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