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Would you buy benintendi at this point. I mean he would need to trickle down a little bit at least for me to really want to buy it on him just because right now at. He's going the right around. Renzo kane in manny marco and even rommel top you were like and i mean i love many marco margot's been target from a season. So you've been you've been talking about him consistently if he starts falling into like the nixon's l. kole. Calhoun brandon nimmo area. And i still love nemo and he'll continue to be. It's arguing me. But i could definitely see myself ending up with benintendi. And that's like the to seventy area. The taken over mark. Hanna just on this shot that he returns. You gotta goes back to what he was in in two thousand eighteen. Which is you know. Fifteen plus hitter with you know potentially twenty twenty five stolen bases if he is lodges. Push it on the basis baths. I'm a play a little cop out. Which i keep you from doing at times to get strong answer And say i'm gonna go on needs between those who can i. I can't vibe cana- you know. He had that great breakout in nineteen but he had done a little something in eighteen as well and he was good in twenty following up the breakout. So i think he's kind of a consistently solid hitter. So if i need a little bit more. I think power. Probably lean toward cana but that speed. I think that's an interesting part. That you mentioned right off the top then with benintendi possibly running a bit more in cases where they just kinda terrible he's not some burner But i mean he's a very effective base stealers thirteen in twenty nineteen twenty one for barney in eighteen. So if he's healthy i mean. The question is health. But you assume that you know. He passed the physical to be traded. That this you know that his health is going to be fine heading into Twenty twenty one. I mean it's a really really good gamble but by the royals i really a bad bilo as somebody that i wasn't supervising vibing to now Buying low on him you know we talked about. There's a price for everybody that goes for the real life situation to of teams and this was a fair price form. Let's move on from him. Talking about france you move on from benintendi. Would there are scenarios where we draft him with. You can run a little bit more Everything else should be solid. If unspectacular on the furniture cordeiro signed going back to boston. He's been a favorite among fantasy folks for awhile. He's got his pockets of supporters. I know Claiming james anderson over at wrote a wire love him It's hard not to see the tools and and you know have that interest in the always super cheap and fantasy too so he's not even hard to really go for that said i. I don't have any real expectations for him at this point Even with just three hundred fifteen appearances in the majors. I'm not ruling out that suddenly income event. But i'm not i'm not Chasing him should be the strong side left fielder at the very least you think franci gets the play everyday or every day against right. He's at the very least in boston and can can feel a breakout. The pipe dream. I mean. Are they opening that he can play every day. Sure but the one thing he hasn't been able to do is play everyday. So i'm really able to play at all. I mean he's got sixty two plate appearances in the majors on the last two seasons. Total so Amid i don't know yes. The he has power. He has speed I question what his strikeout rate's gonna be. I mean he is a thirty five. Percents strikeout rate For career in the majors now. That's only three hundred fifteen plate appearances because he just hasn't been able to stay on the field but he had minor league major swing and misses years. So this is not unexpected for franci. This is kind of an line. like he's that he's that super tools the guy that when you see him at his best. You know clubbing. A homer going first to third on on a hit that a lot of guys one in and then throwing somebody out like. Oh my god. This guy's a monster does all that in one game or something and i was like holy smokes. Push coming up upton ask oh but like tailend when b. j. i wasn't doing anything anymore If everything came together maybe could have that that sort of that. Sort of vibe. As as a bj upton in one of his good years. But i don't know man and again. There's nothing to pay to get them. So you know three's remains of adam. Was that three sixty seven. So it's not nothing and that's gonna go up like it so we're talking about he's gonna probably go up. Let's say forty spots so like he's going to be in the oscar marcado area jock peterson. In fact since the first of this month he already is. He's next to franchise already right next to us cod. I'm thinking we're going to set mine too. It's only four drafts new draft champions from february first to the eleventh so small sample but he's already up there Senate from From mid february or mid january two. Yeah just do two months One eleven to two eleven bottom line is that. I think you're right that he's gonna be at the marco level or higher and the net does start to cost us something because i was looking earlier stuff where he caused a price in the four hundred. But as you said he's in this will move him up going to boston. People think he's going to get the opportunity. Although i don't know. I think you get a better opportunity in boston. That he was gonna get in k. C. so i mean they told us by grade benintendi forum so i mean you would think that they would give him less about. I mean he's thinking is less about him than is about him more about getting rid of that money. Which is so weird that so little. I mean these teams man. He's rich teams. They're playing or aunts. Ask us we've talked about all offseason. I know but it's discussed. I mean this is boomer bust. So like i mean you know obviously a completely different player but immune. Isn't this the david doll argument. Where like you know doug win. Healthy doll is a really really good fantasy player like france. He has the ability to be a really good french fantasy player. Sure if healthy the question is worth and we all amazon something in the majors this is true. This is all conjecture on. It's a gamble and you might not be your lottery ticket late you know. Are you a josh. Naylor guy somebody who can possibly hit twenty five thirty homers mercado. His team at that. You mentioned the call out sam hilliard. People still in on him. You know You know going up. French is gonna be near our boy. Calhoun and we're not taking franci over. Calhoun hell his new teammate. Keith hernandez down there. I think i'd rather take a shot on him getting playing time and doing some things i know. He's a little bit older and his numbers are not amazing. But i think part of that kiki not to totally change subjects is disjointed playing time. Yup i think he he was. You know he'll get a stretch of two weeks or playing every day and then he's on the bench back and forth so that's part of what rob's his numbers. I'm actually eager to see what he can do with a relatively fulltime role but anyway franci. If he's still your lottery ticket. I totally get it. I have guys like this that i stay committed to because they're so cheap so i'm not out here terrain on anybody's parade as far as that goes Let's talk about khalili prospect for casey going over to the mets. Now this was not a bad. Pick up for their part and everything You know he is a legit. He has a legit prospect. And i think there is some some upside there to to be mind. Obviously there's no rush for anything for him to to in With with the mets even though he did have a twenty twenty one. Eta in last year's list from From guang and hanging you know he's got guess raw power some got some run and field to him you know. He's an outfielder clearly is here's a little bit francesc. No yeah he's very franceschi's got our to his game maybe not as much power as franci But also maybe as much swing and miss right. So they're like little gives and takes aren't quite franci but there is some frenchie material here. Yeah i mean. I think he's he. He does have quite a bit swing missed. Maybe not quite franci ask but It is more walks to counterbalance. But whereas franchise a free swinger. Yeah i was clearly probably has similar swing and miss but at least he balances it was some walks so he can leverage that speedy at fifty three stolen bases in In aa back until nineteen. Although i will say eric mentioned in the right up last year fantasy folks. I'm not betting on ten..

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