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The end up on uh when this guy was born iron maiden was born a rod was born david ortiz ai think year a eyes at allen iverson a yeah people you know what that these say to some people in town iverson who else would it be that you never know now i had a couple of people a couple of people born in seventy five guys joe age you know a great here in america leader jolie as well there until one you can back out on this golf course it's gonna be a while golf course not probably youth on the golf course i don't know maybe maybe the end of april maybe on our diet wait till made i won't be able to fully play till may i tell you what with the snow and more snow maybe on sunday i don't think anyone else was we have even hold a second more silwan sundance epa dan maria language like vanni quinn he said the fifth happen that might happen though in their eyes and ears open i all policies already even opd they've they've really profit probably to target date for most of the causes march 15th so i just want to say this to turn off of he's listening right i am all friday as you know you go to big wedding rangoon awaiting californiaborn gallian back sunday if the flights canceled in ahmad here monday there's nothing i could do all right if this is those it i mean what are gonna do expert grown as you have i have no issue with that all right here at dawn saturday the odds he could come in and co host there you go you know what you guys like you a call from burden county bad it there you go diego though on j m cats about the age i started to it was like 42 what he that's my my rookie year i was 42 all right he's a rock stars are aligned the burden county i'm looking at these zero percentage of anything on sunday so my ss latedeveloping i dunno while he was tell you make it out of you gotta sit at lahti kuwaiti said so i don't know yet today they all youth who gave the language if this is going to happen i.

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