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That ramp had been blocked with accident activity. There's also our work sound that's on to 70 South. It is after shady grove before you get to 28 on the main line. You've got the right lane, taking away Watch out for the icy conditions around the water Main break on Suitland wrote it Southern Avenue Trouble. On the hill. There's to do be very careful tree came down in the roadway and Frederick on 40 eastbound eastbound lanes are closed between Ridge Road and South Clifton Road, hoping to have things open by lunchtime. Still have your vehicle or wind warnings in effect on three or one down at the nice Mac Middleton Bridge, but no vehicle restrictions. The wind warnings air back in effect, also back at the Bay Bridge. The breeze is just continue. And you're gonna find in Woodbridge down in Virginia Medieval Road north bound before Smoketown Road that accident activity has cleared its new long term work on the Beltway outer loop. Tyson's did you take the ramp to go west on 66 Jersey Walls? Air in the left lane? You've got a right lane now getting by on that brand, probably through the middle part of March. Now you're gonna find on the Beltway in Maryland. Good news. There's been a pothole repair on the inner loop. It was down near Branch Avenue. Had been in the road Wait now Lanes are once again open. Two lefts had been blocked to at least your travel lanes are open. That delay should begin to ease better news on Metro. The yellow and Green line. Trains are no longer single tracking between used treatment on Vernon Square from an earlier medical emergency. Mark Camden Train 8 46. They're reporting a 30 minute delay signal issues, a union station and pen line train. 5 17 has a 40 minute delay because of a mechanical issue. Added Buoy State Jack Taylor. W T o p. Traffic, not a storm Team four meteorologist Chuck Bell. Enjoy the sunshine for today and tomorrow A winter storm still looks to be very likely arriving here on Sunday morning.

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