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I actually finished them finish them up there. All guy killed the box around. Okay. All your cereal. I just actually it's just wrong by on that note, you didn't Lonsdale. Thank you. Thank you guys. Don't go on here. Yes. Gonna now. Our next guest is here. His name is Canaan Lonsdale. Now, you're gonna talk to the microphone there. How you going Kane in doing that? This isn't a perfect opportunity for me to use my shy next favorite thing. Now where in a show you from Sydney, I've heard that's the big city there, isn't it? Mardi grass. Yes. What's what what part of town grew up like an hour west of Sydney so in Saint Mary's. It's like western Sydney is that a fun place to be on the coast? No, it's like pretty far away from like any kind of beach. It can be fun. If you if you wanted to be any place, but yeah, it was it's it's not the city. Right. But there aren't many Browns. Obviously there originally who were there, but not many Brown skin because your your your your parents are from America. Is that correct my dad's Nigerian and my mom's Australian, okay, and yeah, it was it was kind of we growing up because there were that many like other black kids, and I felt pretty alone insurance. Yeah. But that's that's been changing. Sure. I'm sure. Yeah. Now, obviously our audience knows you from the TV show the flash. And from the movie love Simon. Did you see that show? I haven't seen it I want I watch all movies on the airplane or when. It gets on streaming and stuff. I have not seen it yet. And I'm waiting to go on the airplane. And I go in the airplane very shortly going onto or soon. They don't watch stuff when of home. Yeah. And working there's no time and then go to the movies because they have all that popcorn up in their detox said that would she she posted on Facebook. When she watched it. She was like this is the dumbest movie to watch by yourself on an airplane because she sobbing through the whole. She's not trying to oh bitch. She's that kind of it's coming out movie. We live Simon is Jalen. Actually, the way they market it. Make it seem like it's going to be a gay wrong com. Yeah. But it's it cuts right to you. So it's basically like anyone who's ever been in the closet ever? You're going to all those memories here. We didn't know it's going to turn out that way, we knew that was the intention. But yeah, were you ever in the cause I came out publicly a year a year and a bit ago really came out to my friends when I was like four years ago. Wow. I just for for someone like it's hard to imagine. What that would be like a being in the Causey. I've never I've always been. You know what I mean? So I just don't what you must have been terrible was terrified like I just I wanted my dream of being. I was so obsessed with being successful in helping Alger as an actor musician. I wanted to be Michael Jackson. So I was like, well, I, you know, the world's not going to like me if I'm like this, right, right? Like in. So and I just was terrif-. Right. So I thought I struggle with a lot of depression. I know how to be oh, I thought I wasn't supposed to be myself. That's what I thought. My life was gonna be like fake. Yeah. Yeah. And anybody you could talk to about this. I didn't I didn't talk to anyone until like I came out to one of my best friends when I was twenty but that was by mistake 'cause I had fallen in love with like our room. And then he there was these rumors, and then he found out, and I was like bowling sounds like I wasn't ready to totally one. But he said to me at the time, which I don't know where all this wisdom came when he was that age. But he was like, maybe you can be this guy that changes as a musician. You can you can sing about girls. You can think about guys you can sing that whatever you want. Sure. At the time said, I don't wanna be that. I I don't know what that looks like that's possible. But yet just took time and as an actor, and you've had successes an actor where their people in the businesses said, listen Kitto don't. Come out..

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